Deep Fried Ranch Mushrooms

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1 lb mushrooms
2 packages ranch dressing mix (28g each)
1 tbsp flour
1 large eggs
2 tbsp milk
1 asneeded vegetable oil
15 minutes


1 Clean mushrooms by gently brushing off any dirty.
2 Place Ranch mix and flour in large resealable bag, shake to mix.
3 Combine the egg and milk in a bowl with a whisk. Add the mushrooms and mix by hand until all the mushrooms are coated evenly.
how to cook Deep Fried Ranch Mushrooms recipe
4 In batches, put the mushrooms into the resealable bag. Seal and shake to coat.
how to cook Deep Fried Ranch Mushrooms recipe
5 Deep fry the ranch coated mushrooms in oil that has been heated to 375°F until golden brown. Place on paper towel lined plate to remove excess oil.


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