Perform These Stretches in Your Bed After Waking up to Alleviate Pain and Feel More Energized During the Day!

HOMEBEAUTYPerform These Stretches In Your Bed After Waking Up To Alleviate Pain And Feel More Energized During The Day! BEAUTYPerform These Stretches in Your Bed After Waking up to Alleviate Pain and Feel More Energized During the Day! Have you ever performed some exercises first thing in the morning? In fact, preparing your body and mind for the common daily activities is of great importance. Also, in this way, you can maintain good overall health.

According to the author, holistic wellbeing expert, and yoga teacher, Randi Ragan, you can actually promote optimal health by spending several minutes on exercising first thing in the morning before your everyday activities. That’s not all, it can also help you burn fat and tone your body. The best part is that you can practice all these stretches in your bed after waking up.

So, consider practicing these simple stretches in the morning:
– Total-body stretch

While breathing in, place the arms over your head. Then, your fingers should be clasped together. Your palms should be overturned towards the wall and away from you. The toes should be kept stretched, whereas the knees straight. Stay in this pose for about 5 seconds. Afterwards, breathe out and return to the original position. At least, repeat the same procedure 3 times.

– Knees-to-chest stretch

Performing this stretch in the morning can bring positive effect on your mind and body. Namely, it can reduce your lower back pain. In addition, while lying down, you should bend your knees. Next, grasp your knees with both hands. Moreover, gently pull your legs towards your chest. Stay in this pose for about 10 seconds and then relax.

– Figure-4 stretch

By practicing this exercise you can lubricate your glutes and joints. So, start by bending the right leg, and then cross the left foot over the right knee. You should stay in this position for about 5 seconds, while breathing deeply. Next, switch legs and repeat the same procedure. 

– Supine twist

It can stimulate circulation, and target your spinal muscles. So, consider stretching the arms on the right side of your torso, whereas stretch the legs on the left side. However, make sure your shoulders stay flat on the mattress. Finally, stay in this pose for about 10 seconds, and then switch sides.

– Seated forward bend

You can prepare your body for the activities during the day. This stretch is particularly beneficial in case you sit for prolonged periods because it targets the pelvis, spine, and hamstrings. It is advisable to sit on the bed, and the gently stretch the legs. Furthermore, you should breathe in, breathe out, and then reach for the toes. Breathe in again, while intensifying the stretch. Repeat it 10 times.

– Bet-to-floor stretch

This stretch can wake you up more easily, and stretch your back, and carry more oxygen to your brain. First of all, the feet should be placed on the floor, whereas the knees should be bend. Afterwards, you should hang your hands over the knees, while reaching for the floor. Also, your head should be stretched towards the floor. Stay in this position for 5 seconds and return to the original position.



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