This All-Natural Ingredient May Restore and Protect Your Eyesight!

Those experiencing vision problems know that eye doctors usually prescribe them new glasses each year.

But, if you are one of these patients, then you probably waste plenty of time and money to visit your doctor and buy new trendy glasses. That’s not all, you actually waste your money on expensive glasses, which cannot improve your vision. In addition, in case you do not treat the underlying cause of the health issue, your vision may worsen.

However, here is a natural remedy that can effectively improve your eyesight. Namely, we are talking about the spice known as saffron.

Saffron May Improve Your Eyesight Completely Naturally:

It is an excellent spice that has been used as a taste enhancer, a coloring agent, and a natural remedy for various conditions. Moreover, saffron can help in the treatment of more than 90 illnesses.

Additionally, it is packed with powerful antioxidant carotenoids called crocetin and crocin. These ingredients offer potent neuro-protective, cellular, and antioxidant properties.

Most of the therapeutic properties of the spice are attributed to these two powerful carotenoids.

Specifically, crocin has been found to be superior antioxidant agent than alpha-tocopherol. This antioxidant present in saffron could prevent peroxidized lipid formation, as well as restore superoxide dismutase activity.

Researchers have concluded that saffron has an ability to slow the progression of many eye diseases, including macular degeneration that leads to blindness.

According to a clinical study that has recently been carried out, early stage age-related macular degeneration patients who used oral saffron supplementation therapy of 20 mg daily for 3 months had a great improvement of visual acuity and retinal function.

Furthermore, those suffering from macular degeneration who followed a diet including saffron experienced cell recovery, so that they also experienced improved vision.

The lead researcher of the study, Prof. Silvia Bisti, notes that saffron has impact on the genes, which control the fatty-acid content of the cell membrane, thus improving the health of the vision cells.

These findings suggest that saffron may be a promising natural treatment and preventive measure of vision loss triggered by macular degeneration.

What Is the Recommended Amount of Saffron and How to Use It?

You should take 20 mg of high-quality saffron on a daily basis to promote optimal eye health.

But, in case you want to introduce saffron in your diet, then use the same amount of the spice to prepare tea or add it to your meals.



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