It may sound incredibly, but an article published a while ago spoke of the production of fake rice in China, made out of plastic!

beware these 10 foods are made in china and are filled with pesticides and cancer causing chemicals

[tps_header]The more shocking thing about it all is the fact that no one does anything to prevent it!

The consumption of even small amounts of plastic seriously harms the digestive system  and the hormones. The BPA (chemical) in plastic mimic’s estrogen and when ingested, the levels of the hormone tremendously increase in our body.

This is only one discovery that should assure you to be careful about the food produced in China. Regarding the Chinese innovative procedures that they use to make toys, cheap technology productsand other consumer products, we believe it’s dangerous  even to think about their application to food.

One of the most polluted country in the world is, undoubtedly,China. Theyproduce more pesticides than any other country in the world, which means that your food is most likely to be full with pesticides. First of all, it’s a fact that in China the air is toxic. A study found that the air in Beijing, is so polluted that breathing it,in fact does so much damage to the lungs as you have smoked 40 cigarettes in one day.

70% of China’s rivers are also polluted, and the sheer volume production of produces there leaves a lot of by-products and toxic chemicals as waste. These leak into the environment and contaminate it to a extremely high level.

These are only a small part of the various indications that foods produced in China are maybe one of the worst choices you can make, as they may seriously damage your health.

Here is a list of 10 foods produced in China that should not be part of your daily menu:

10 most toxic dangerous foods that cause cancer which should never get in your mouth NINERecipes


[tps_title]Plastic Rice[/tps_title]

Without a doubt, plastic rice is being produced and it’s believed that its effects could be cancerous. It’s supposed to be actually made from a fake synthetic resinandpotatoes, but it can’t be cooked like the regular rice, because it stays hard after boiling.

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