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12 Laws Of KARMA That Everyone Should Know!

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Therefore, your future can not already be written. That would not be reasonable. Life gives you possibilities. This is one of them.The Tree of Awakening

Karma is pretty much an abstract concept for the most of us. There are a lot of information an a lot of discussions on this subject so in order to make things a little bit clearer we decided to help you understand what karma is. We are going to try and do that through examples.

For example, imagine that we all go and help people that need help, such as giving a few dollars to homeless people, holding doors for everyone, buying someone coffee or tea, putting coins for their expired parking ticket etc. Now we have two questions.
First, what is the possibility that the person that you’ve helped will reciprocate and second, what’s the possibility that this action you did triggered a positive source of energy?
This is actually an example of everyday karma. There is a negative karma as well. Karma is probably described the best by Gandhi who says that we are products of our own thoughts. We become what we think –simple as that.

Now that it is a bit clearer what karma is, let’s look at the 12 laws of karma that can completely change your life:

1. The Great Law: “As you sow, so shall you reap.”
To put this in simple words – everything you think and do has consequences – good or bad. If you want to succeed in your life and have love and peace then you must act according to it. This law is also known as the law of cause and effect which only explains it better.

2. The Law of Creation: “What we want comes through participation.”
The life around us is created by people’s intentions. Since we are all one with the Universe, our intentions are actually the creators of the evolution of creation. We must make our environment according to our desires because it affects everything we think and do.

3. The Law of Humility: “Refusal to accept what is will still be what is.”
This means that if you want to change a certain situation, first you must accept it. You must accept it as it is, no matter how negative and difficult it may be and then focus on doing everything you can do change it.

4. The Law of Growth: “Our own growth is above any circumstance.”
Believe it or not, we only have control on ourselves. Your actions or inactions will cause a lot of positive or negative situations in your life. Things will really change if you change your heart.

5. The Law of Responsibility: “Our lives are of our own doing, nothing else.”
When something is happening in our lives it is due to our own actions. Nothing else is responsible. That is why if you want to change something in your life, you should change your environment and state of mind.

6. The Law of Connection: “Everything in the Universe is connected, both large and small.”
You already know that our past, present and future are all connected. That is why if we want to change something in our lives we should change this connection. Each step matters.

7. The Law of Focus: “One cannot direct attention beyond a single task.”
This law is connected to the spiritual growth and it says that we can’t have negative thoughts or actions and expect to grow spiritually. We should focus completely on only one task that we choose in order to be good at it.

8. The Law of Hospitality and Giving: “Demonstrating our selflessness shows true intentions.”
We must do what we believe. We must justify our actions by our beliefs which will helps us grow spiritually.

9. The Law of Change: “History repeats itself unless changed.”
This means that you should change something in order not to repeat the same mistakes as in the past. Negative events will continue their course unless positive energies come in and change the situation.

10. The Law of Here and Now: “The Present is all we have.”
If you constantly look back in your past or forward in your future, you are missing the present and destroying your chances to improve and advance in your present life.

11. The Law of Patience and Reward: “Nothing of value is created without a patient mindset.”
The rewards we get after a certain task or thing we do in life are gained through determination and patience. And they are actually not the end result. The happiness that comes from the rightful things that we did while we were expecting the reward is actually the end result.

12. The Law of Significance and Inspiration: “The best reward is one that contributes to the Whole.”
This means that the end will mean nothing if there is nothing behind it. Every step is important.


source : healthyworldnetwork.com

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