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15 Effective Ways to Break Bad Habits By Professionals

15 Effective Ways to Break Bad Habits By Professionals

Bad habits may be chewing gum much loudly, tapping your feet, eating junk food, bitting the nails, always being chronically late or excessive time killing on social media. Your health, happiness and social relations are at risk when you indulge in your bad habits and do not consider to kick them off from your life. Psychology understands the nature of human beings and their emotions. This is the reason that many of the psychological researchers have been conducted to find out the efficient ways of getting rid of bad habits. Let us have a glimpse of top 15 wonderful methods to break bad habits.

15. Paying-up

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Why not use money as a key motivator for breaking a bad habit? Fine yourself for every offense you made either intentionally or unintentionally. In this way, you become more cautious and try to not repeat the bad habit as it would cost you to pay money for it. The swear jar method is effective to use.

Likewise, paying $1 to your friends whenever they catch you doing wrong or repeating your bad habit. One other method is to reward yourself on a routine basis when you beat your bad habit each day. Rewarding or Penalizing is the tip, which one must use honestly, if they really want to quit their bad habit. Money lover can quit their bad habits, but cannot bear the loss of money.

14. Ponder more

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We keep on repeating our habits automatically; these are like loops. Any of the cues, triggers it and we feel satisfaction in terms of psychological reward and keep on repeating the habit on a routine basis. Take the help of If-Then plan to interrupt the cue routine reward system. Simply pondering over the consequences can possibly deter you from committing the unspeakable.

The cycle of cue, reward, and routine goes on if it is not disrupted. Merely disrupting it is not enough. Incorporate good habits into it. You may create this fabulous If-Then plan on the paper to reboot your habit. Try to make this flowchart simple in order to remember it.

13. One at a Time

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‘’Ego deletion’’ is used in psychology which means that there is limited energy in our willpower. When you think to change all of your bad habits at once then you are fooling yourself. You are reducing your potential and consuming all your energies in getting rid of all the bad habits at one time.

Willpower is similar to muscle which can be worn our when get tired or are used too much. Habits require a significant amount of willpower to change. Utilize it in the most appropriate way. Focusing on multiple habits to change hem simply leave you in the glucose-depleted state. Hence, they just give up their efforts.

12. Keep Clear

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There is always a triggering factor that prompts you to do some bad thing or initiates your bad habit to do so. Keep yourself away from such types of triggers. Triggering factors may include the company of such people or the place is equipped with your triggering factors. To reduce or quit your bad habit, it is very necessary and prime step that one should be taken.  Keep yourself away from trigger will reduce the chances of adopting and doing a bad habit.

11. Think Thoroughly

It is often said that think before you speak. Same is the thing when you decide to do something always think about it. Think about future consequences of your action. It is mostly seen among the teenager that they got the bad habits of drinking alcohol, smoking, drug addiction. Many of cases it is the result of not thinking about the consequences before they start doing. People indulge themselves in such habits just for fun that afterward become an irresistible habit for them.

10. Baby Steps

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You have to trick your inner caveman by taking smallest steps. Use the technique of going slow as you can not build an empire in one night. It requires gradual yet persistent efforts to make a big change. Tiny changes which are made gradually are long-lasting and even permanent.  Developing new and better habits takes effort and but breaking the habit habits is much more difficult.

Focus on a single habit only at one time as multiple habits cannot be broken simultaneously. The art of patience works well in order to make this scheme successful. If you want to break your habit of eating junk food or taking high-calorie diet then skipping it all at once would not work.

The tiny changes like while taking coffee, switch to low-fat milk from the cream. Similarly, you may adopt the change of reducing the sugar in it in order to make a remarkable and huge difference in the long run. Those who wish to quit smoking can take a step of not keeping lighter in their pocket. So, they have to endure whenever they crave for smoking.

9. Keep At It

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100% commitment is all you need to have for the 30 Day Habit Challenge. 30-day challenge is one of the most reliable ways to quit your bad habits. If you are loyal to yourself then you must take the 30-day challenge to quit your bad habit. There are many apps available that help you in this regard.  There are various levels of these apps that start from the easy and simple level and ends up with complete quitting of your bad habit.

8. Cut Corners

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If you consume many bottles of alcohol, a number of packs of cigarette, overspend money luxuriously, continuously bites the nail or enjoys to tease others then break your bad habit as soon as possible.  People stick to such habits as they give them some sort of satisfaction. In order to gain the psychological reward, they keep on doing it.

Think yourself as a hater of the bad habit. Whatver the bad habit is, tamper it off. Quickly leaving it won’t lead you to the road to success. If you are excessively using social media and spend all of your time over there then reduce the time as you cannot skip it entirely. For the highly addictive personnels, it is better to reduce the minutes and then shift two hours. Little drops of effort would be turned to see. Tampering off has an advantage that it prevents the relapse or withdrawal.

7. Coach Yourself

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No one can be a better coach than you. Sometimes its necessary to take perfect guidance from one’s own self. This may sound a little silly to some people but believe me, it works. Adam Dachis became the coach of himself and tried to break his bad habit of nail-biting. He recorded effective coaching to stop nail biting which contained why he wants to break this habit and effective coaching regarding it. Astonishingly, it worked well. Try it out and enjoy the outcomes.

6. Negative Aspect of Bad Habit

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People may develop some habit as a fashion such as smoking. In the teenage, it is considered as a style statement or fashion to smoke. This trend is much more common in boys especially the college boys. They want to look cool and impress other so they give a try to the cigarette. Although, many of them do not like the taste initially, soon they develop its taste and become used to of it. Revealing the negative aspects of every habit which your loved ones have can help them out in making a mind of quitting it. Until the mind of quitting a bad habit is made, none can help you out.

5. Constantly Pinging Yourself

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Setting goals are easy but sticking to them is undoubtedly quite difficult. People may forget about what they plan for. If you want to leave your habit of drinking alcohol then make a plan to reduce the number of glasses you usually drink on a routine basis. Keep on reminding yourself about it.

For instance, if you visit a bar with your friends, then you forget about your plan and start drinking as much as you desire. It is the failure of quit the habit. Set a reminder on your phone in order to keep your self away from such habits by limiting the frequency. You may remind yourself about your goals by writing it on the sticky notes and pasting it in your office table of fridge, wall etc.

4. Goal-setting

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In incremental goals, you simply set a goal and start following it. These incremental goals are designed in such as manner that you slowly start moving away from the notorious bad habit. For instance, if you are a smoker and consumes almost 20 cigarettes per day then your long-term goal is to completely get rid of this bad habit. This ultimate goal can be achieved by keeping your foot on the step of incremental goals.

For 1 or 2 weeks, smoke 15 cigarettes per day and does not exceed it. Then, for the next 3 to 4 weeks, switch to 10 cigarettes. Likewise, keep on decreasing the number of cigarettes as the week increases until you reach to 1 cigarette per day. Quitting then becomes a snap task.

3. Speak About It

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Social approval has an immense power to make it happen. Your habit change goal gets a boost when you share it with your friends and people. Most common and convenient method is to take the support of social media. Post updates on the social media regarding your struggle to change the habits, plans, and progress for it. Your social media friends provide you encouragement to enhance your willpower. Even there are many mobile apps which automatically update your progress report on your account.

2. Helping-hand

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Got a bad habit and failed to quit it even after several tries? If yes, then try out this method. According to Psychology, it is better to find an accountability partner to whom you can share and communicate regularly.

Walking on the road of breaking a bad habit is not easy. Share your experience with your accountability partner and tell him about your desire to make a remarkable change in your personality. You may talk or even meet him to share about your desires and progress. If you wish to take it a step ahead, then start following a new routine by making him join you such as walking 10,000 steps together.

Thanks to the technology that the world has become a global village due to it. Hence, finding an accountability partner is a piece of cake now. Meet people on Facebook or any other social platform who share the same desire of breaking a bad habit and developing good habit. Install Skype and talk to them for a few minutes each week to share your progress and also to know about their progress. You can be a motivator for others too.

1. Seek Guidance

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Trying on our own by having strong willpower shows your interest in quitting the bad habit. But, to seek the help of a professional is like icing on the cake. They are expert in guiding you and treating you that you effectively get rid of your habit without having any withdrawal symptoms.

If you develop a habit of drinking or smoking ,then taking the aid of professional is the best. They would recommend the treatment as per your current condition. By following your bad habit, you may reach a stage called addiction.

You should talk to your psychiatrist or join some support group such as AA (Alcoholics Anonymous or NA (Narcotics Anonymous. Likewise, know about the several solutions to battle craving by consulting your doctor.

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