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15 Game Changing Eyeliner Charts For Anyone Who Struggles With Makeup

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Continue to push those memories deep into the recesses of your mind and then think about all the good things charts do. They’re helpful! They’re informative! Some of them resemble pies! And now they will help you master your eyeliner once and for all.

If you’re puzzled by how to achieve winged eyeliner on the first try… or don’t know what winged eyeliner even is, then you need to check these out. These charts will take your eyeliner game to the next level and stop you from poking your eye out. See? Your stats teacher was right! Charts do have real-world applications.

1. Contour your eye like a pro

15 Game Changing Eyeliner Charts For Anyone Who Struggles With Makeup 2
Lighter shades make your eyes pop, while darker colors add dimension and push features back. Knowing where to put the correct eyeshadow and highlights will add the perfect amount of definition to your eyeliner. 

2. So many eyeliner styles, so little time

Don’t get overwhelmed! Even though you are just mastering basic eyeliner right now, this chart is just to let you know that you have options (when your hand is more steady). 
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Illustrated Moodboard

3. Use gold eye shadow on your waterline

Gold eyeshadow is a soft and shimmery alternative to regular eyeliner. Use an eye shadow primer first, then apply gold eye shadow to your inner eye and along your waterline for a natural glow. 
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4. #SmokeyEyes

To get the perfect smokey eye, draw a hashtag symbol on the corner of your eyelid. Blend the makeup with a soft brush for the ultimate sultry makeup look. Check out #8 for another easy way to create a smokey eye. 
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source : diply.com