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16 Life Hacks Which You Didn’t Know About

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16 Life Hacks Which You Didn’t Know Abou
They range from makeshift crayon candles to numerous ways to store cords. By now, you’ve probably thought that you’ve seen it all; however, don’t be so sure because there are some other tricks, that is, 16 hacks that you had no idea about.

You will be pleasantly surprised from the tricks and what’s more, they will ease your day to day life. Let’s take a look now.

  • In order to separate the yolk from an egg without a separator, you should break the egg on a plate and hover the water bottle over the yolk. In order to create suction, squeeze the water bottle to suck the egg yolk and separate it from the egg white.
  • If you want to avoid carrying a big bottle of sunscreen on the beach, store the lotion in a contact lens case; you could do the same for hand creams or any other types of lotion.
  • In order to organize your linens, store the folded sheets in empty pillow cases to save spaces and make the closet look more organized.
  • If you need to make space in your closet, take a pop can tab and put the hook of the hanger into the hole of the tab. After doing this, hang another hanger from the second hole of the pop can tab. This will allow you to hang 2 hangers in one space.


  • To avoid confusing different keys on one keychain, paint each key with a different nail polish color.
  • In order to make more room in the freezer, clip veggie bags with a binder clip onto the bottom of the freezer rack.
  • If the phone case of your iPhone reduces the volume of the speaker, take a needle and stick it into the holes of the phone case covering the speaker. This will increase the volume of the speaker by 40%.
  • In order to heat food evenly in the microwave, make a small circle in the middle of the food to make the temperature equal all around.
  • To remove the stem from a strawberry, grab a straw and stick it into the top of the strawberry and push it all the way to the bottom to pop the stem out.
  • If opening blister packs is your nightmare, you should use a can opener and attach it to the blister pack and use it same as you would use it to open a can.


  • To fix minor scratches on wooden furniture, rub the areas with a walnut.
  • If you have a problem finding the end of a tape roll, take a plastic bread tab and stick it onto the end of the tape roll to hold the spot.
  • To prevent wrapping paper from unraveling, take a toilet paper tube and cut straight down it and wrap it around the wrapping paper.
  • When you run out of strings for the weed whacker, use zip ties.
  • If your beer or any other drink is a bit too warm, wrap a piece of wet paper towel around it and put it in the freezer for 15 minutes. When you take it out it will be ice cold.
  • If you don’t want a mess while making pancakes, put the pancake mixture into a ketchup bottle and squeeze it onto the pan.

source http://healthyfoodtreatments.com

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