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4 Iced Tea Recipes PERFECT All Summer Long!

4 Iced Tea Recipes PERFECT All Summer Long!
It’s everyone’s favorite time of year. Kids love it because school’s out, teachers love it because school’s out, and I love it because along with summer comes summer fun! But there are only so many hours in a day, and after a long day out in the sun, it’s nice to wind down with a refreshing beverage. What kind of beverage? Ice coffee is good, but not great at the end of your day, and milk shakes are really just desserts in disguise. So when you’re thirsty for something sweeter than water but not quite as sweet as a soft drink, iced tea is the best choice. Like a cousin or a friend that you haven’t seen all year, iced tea always picks up right where you left off and never disappoints. From its golden brown hue that brightens in the sunlight to its earthy yet sweet and refreshing flavor, iced tea suits the mood any time all the time.
We have 4 iced tea recipes for you today! They range from a traditional southern sweet tea to a raspberry peach iced tea lemonade. All are fabulous!
When I think iced tea, my mind definitely goes straight to a traditional sweet tea. That’s our first recipe. It comes from Brandie at The Country Cook. Thanks for this WONDERFUL Recipe!
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