4 Minutes, 28 Days – A New Body!

The challenge that we are presenting today has been done by numerous people around the world and has provided the promised result: a completely new body!

4 minutes 28 days new body

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Planks are an essential exercise for strengthening the middle part of the body. Even though beginners may think they are easy and skip them often, they can provide incredible results!

This exercise will melt down the abdominal fat, strengthen the inner and outer muscles of the back, legs, and buttocks. Planks are similar to push-ups and they strengthen the muscles from the inside.

During this exercise, you will need to gradually increase the time you are holding the body in a plank position for 4 weeks. At the beginning, you should hold for 20 seconds, and eventually, you will hold the plank position for 4 minutes.

In the last stage of this challenge, you will be prepared for new challenges, and your muscle strength will be significantly increased.

In order to do this exercise properly, you need to maintain an upright position. When you raise the toes and elbows, the upper body part should be in a straight line.

Breathe deeply with the muscles of the stomach and head and neck. You can maintain a balance by splitting the weight into the elbows and legs while pushing up the muscles from the buttocks.

As soon as you achieve the proper plank position, just start breathing deeply and hold the position for as long as possible in order to do the 28-day challenge.

  • DAY 1-20 SECONDS
  • DAY 2-20 SECONDS
  • DAY 3- 30 SECONDS
  • DAY 4- 30 SECONDS
  • DAY 5-40 SECONDS
  • DAY 6-REST
  • DAY 7-45 SECONDS
  • DAY 8-45 SECONDS
  • DAY 9 60 SECONDS
  • DAY 10-60 SECONDS
  • DAY 11-60 SECONDS
  • DAY 12- 90 SECONDS
  • DAY 13- REST
  • DAY 14-90 SECONDS
  • DAY 15-90 SECONDS
  • DAY 16- 120 SECONDS
  • DAY 17-120 SECONDS
  • DAY 18-150 SECONDS
  • DAY 19- REST
  • DAY 20- 150 SECONDS
  • DAY 21-150 SECONDS
  • DAY 22-180 SECONDS
  • DAY 23-180 SECONDS
  • DAY 24- 210 SECONDS
  • DAY 25-REST
  • DAY 26-210 SECONDS
  • DAY 27-240 SECONDS
  • DAY 28- hold as much as possible

The intensity of this exercise can be felt in the first few seconds, but that is the reason why it is extremely effective. Yet, if you find it too much for you, you can start some other kind of exercises or challenges.

Source: supertastyrecipes.com



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