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5 Weird Kitchen Cleaning Tips That REALLY Work!

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Often there are forgotten areas in the kitchen like the knobs and buttons on the stove, or the lime scale on the kitchen faucets, but taking the time to clean these areas will make your kitchen look extra good. Cassandra is the author and video blogger of the Clutterbug website and has some amazing natural cleaners and household cleaning tips that work wonders in the kitchen. Whether you want to give your kitchen sink a shine or buff up the stove, you will want to see these five weird kitchen cleaning tips and amazing household cleaning tips that work. Several of these tips involve ingredients you might have on hand already, which will make the job of cleaning your kitchen that much easier.

For starters, it’s important to know that Cassandra is dealing with some twenty-year-old kitchen appliances. And that’s not to say that they get any dirtier than the newer appliances som people might have. But with older appliances, it might be just a bit more difficult to get them clean, which is important if you still want your kitchen to look good. Due to the material of Cassandra’s sink, she has had a tough time getting it into shining shape. She has figured out how to clean the kitchen sink by using natural cleaners and ingredients like olive oil. She wipes the olive oil onto the kitchen sink’s surface which helps to brighten the appearance and remove any built-up lime scale. The olive oil will also provide a protective coating to the kitchen sink’s surface, which will in turn help to protect it over time and reduce the build up of lime scale and food particles. This will become one of the best kitchen sink cleaners and natural cleaners in your home because it will help clean the sink surface, while also protecting it over time.

Another area that is difficult to clean is the kitchen stove, and Cassandra has a particularly hard time because her stove is white, so the dirt shows up much easier. She uses baking soda, one of the best natural kitchen cleaners, which acts as an abrasive to pick up stains. Baking soda is among the best cleaning solutions for the home and kitchen because it is natural and safe to humans. Baking soda can freshen by reducing bad smells, cut through grease when mixed with liquid, clean kitchen drains and remove stains from carpet or furniture. Baking soda is a miracle cleaning product for the home and kitchen. When you need to brighten up your stovetop, even more, Cassandra recommends using a toothbrush to remove extra stains, like the ones that cement between grooves and buttons.

If you are a person who does a lot of cooking, chances are your kitchen cabinets will need a good cleaning, too. Kitchen cabinets can be cleaned every day as they are constantly getting covered by everything from food splatters and drips to food particles from your hands. Cassandra uses boat wax to help clean her kitchen cabinets. She uses the boat wax by applying a thin layer and buffing it into the surface well, so the cabinets are shiny. Similar to the olive oil household cleaning tip with the sink, the boat wax will also form a protective layer over the surface of your cabinets. Thank you to Cassandra, the author and youtube vlogger of the Clutterbug site, for sharing her five weird kitchen hacks and household cleaning tips with us. **

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