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8 Early Warning Signs You’ll Have One Month Before A Heart Attack

8 Early Warning Signs You’ll Have One Month Before A Heart Attack

In the year 2013 alone, at least 33 percent of all deaths in the United States were caused by heart related issues. Strokes, cardiovascular diseases and heart disease are silent killers. These ailments are also the leading causes of death around the world and when we are on the cusp of experiencing a heart attack, the body has a way of letting us know.

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There are eight signs that you need to be paying attention to, as they are your body’s way of warning you. If you are having pain in your shoulders, back or arms, this is a major red flag and a sign that you need to contact a medical professional right away. Unusual body weakness is another sign, as this is an indicator of poor blood circulation and your arteries may have narrowed.

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Frequent dizziness is another bad sign. If blood is no longer flowing through the body in the normal manner, your brain functionality is adversely affected. Cold sweats and clamminess are also something to look out for. These are signs that the body has become overly stressed and you will need to find out more about the specific ailments that you are experiencing.

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A surprising number of patients who’ve experienced a heart attack also report experiencing cold and flu symptoms before the attack took place. Don’t make the mistake of attempting to tough it out when you are having symptoms of this nature. Constant feelings of fatigue or tiredness are another sign to beware of, as it means that the body is being forced to work much harder than usual.

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Shortness of breath and difficulty completing the same physical activities that you are accustomed to? This could be a sign of an imminent heart attack. If you cannot breathe in the proper manner, pick up the phone and call a doctor immediately. Finally, any indigestion and abdominal pain that is particularly problematic or persistent will warrant the attention of a medical professional. Visit the doctor so that they can rule out any severe medical issues.

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Having a greater awareness of these types of signs can help to save a life and we urge you to pass this story along to your closest friends and family members. You simply never know who you could be helping by taking the time to do so. Share this story with all of your loved ones as soon as possible.

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