+for the sponge cake
°Eggs – 8 pieces

°Sugar – 240 grams

°Flour – 240 grams

°Vanillin – 1 gram

°Pinch of salt

+for the cream

°Mascarpone cheese – 500 g

°Cream 33% – 500 M

°Condensed milk  – 100 (I have condensed milk)

°600 g of cranberries or lingonberries and sugar to taste (I have ~200g)


1 Begin with a sponge cake.Beating eggs, sugar, vanilla & salt until fluffy, 10-15 minAdding sift flour in small portions& mix slowly

Pour into 2 baking pans, bake at 170 degrees until a toothpick is dryBeat cheese, cream and condensed milk until thick peaks formform⠀2 Prepare the berry layer: put the frozen cranberries in a saucepan, put on the fire, add sugar so that it and the berry melt.toUsing  blender to grind until smooth 3 We cut the finished cakes with a wire into two parts (a total of 4 cakes will turn out)

4 We collect the cake (preferably in a molding ring): cake-berry layer-cream and so on5 We send it to the fridge overnight and enjoy it in the morning.
Enjoy !

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