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°Chicken fillet(s) (150 g): 4 piece(s)

°Coriander powder: 2 tbsp. coffee

°Garlic clove(s): 2 piece(s)

°Cumin powder: 2 tbsp. coffee

°Cayenne pepper: 1 tbsp. coffee

°Smoked paprika: 1 tbsp. coffee

°Fine salt: 4 pinch(es)

°Pepper mill: 4 turn(s)

°Lemon juice: 4 tbsp. coffee

°Olive oil: 2 cl+For the sauce

°Greek yoghurt(s): 250 g

°Garlic clove(s): 1 piece(s)

°Cumin powder: 2 tbsp. coffee

°Lemon juice: 2 tbsp. coffee

°Fine salt: 2 pinch(es)

°Pepper mill: 2 turn(s)

°Iceberg salad: 0.5 piece(s)

+For garnish

°Red onion(s): 1 piece(s)

°Cucumber(s): 0.5 piece(s)

°Fresh coriander: 0.5 bunch(es)

°Lemon juice: 3 tbsp. coffee

°Olive oil: 2 tbsp. soup

°Fine salt: 4 pinch(es)

°Pepper mill: 4 turn(s)

+For training

°Pita bread: 4 piece(s)

Methods : 

1. FOR THE CHICKENCombine all marinade ingredients in a freezer bag.Place the chicken in the bag. Close and shake well to impregnate them. Book cool.2. FOR THE SAUCEPeel the garlic, smash it and grate it.Mix the ingredients for the yogurt sauce in a bowl, wrap in cling film and place in the fridge until ready to serve.

3. FOR THE SALADWash the lettuce and cut it into a chiffonade.Peel the cucumber, remove the seeds and cut it into small cubes.Peel and chop the red onion.Wash and chop the cilantro.Combine all the salad ingredients and season with olive oil and lemon juice.

4. FOR COOKINGHeat a large grill pan. Cook the chicken cutlets until they take on a nice color on both sides.Place as you go in a large plate and cover with aluminum foil to keep them warm.Cut the cutlets into slices.5. FOR ASSEMBLYOpen the pita bread in half and flatten them.Fill with salad, chicken slices and add 1 tbsp of sauce.Roll up the chawarma and wrap in a sheet of parchment paper.
Enjoy !

Source : allrecipes .Com