Dad Goes In For Routine Haircut. Collapses Three Days Later And Left Fighting for His Life

Dad Goes In For Routine Haircut. Collapses Three Days Later And Left Fighting for His Life

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If you have ever gone to the salon to get your hair cut, you are probably well aware of just how relaxing this experience can be. Laying back in a comfy chair while someone else washes your hair is one of the most peaceful activities that someone can participate in and while some look at this as a special treat, there are others who believe in this sort of treatment as a regular part of their beauty regimen.

Receiving a scalp message can be so relaxing, it is tough not to fall asleep when the procedure is taking place. But for one dad who recently paid a visit to the salon, his routine trip would soon become a much larger problem. The issues started to take place just three days after his trip and when his entire right side went numb, Dave Tyler knew that something had to be seriously wrong.

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At the relatively young age of 45, this is the last sort of problem that Dave expected to experience. Once he arrived at the hospital, it was determined that he had suffered from a stroke and that the stroke was caused by a blood clot. The manner in which the blood clot formed is what is truly surprising, as it is believed that the problem took place because he tilted his head back excessively at the salon.

Since the angle injured his neck, the clot was formed. While this may seem like an isolated incident to some, there is a track record for these types of occurrences. Beauty Salon Stroke Syndrome is what its called and there have been numerous sufferers over the years. In fact, one woman in the United Kingdom just suffered from the same fate as Dave.

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The angle at which the head should be tilted during a shampooing is a mere 15 degrees. If you are elderly or you are suffering from any sort of ailment that adversely affects the blood neck to the neck, you are particularly susceptible. The salon was deemed to be responsible for the stroke and while Dave won over $100,000 in the resulting lawsuit, he is still unable to drive a car and cannot regain his sense of balance.

That’s why it is important for readers to share this story. Problems like these do not always receive the proper amount of publicity and in a world where so many of us rely on salons for grooming assistance, we all need to do our part to spread the word, so that stories like Dave’s can become far less common.

A woman says she suffered a stroke after developing a blood clot from tipping her head back into a beauty salon shampoo bowl. “I really didn’t know you had to think about your safety when you get your hair shampooed and dried,” Elizabeth Smith told IE. The San Diego woman says she experienced numbness down the left side of her body. Doctors found a blood clot near the top of her spine had triggered a stroke, Smith said. She fears that clot, which she believes was caused by hyperextending her neck at the salon, will someday kill her, she said.

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