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EASY Meat Lovers Pizza Pull Apart Bread

EASY Meat Lovers Pizza Pull Apart Bread

I’ve been wanting to share this recipe for a while.  Because, let me tell you, it’s hard to keep fingers far enough to take a shot! It’s very good and it’s the best while it’s still warm. I just wanted you to understand the sacrifices I’m making to take these photos (heh, heh).

Tips for making this wholegrain bread:

° Feel free to use more cheese than the recipe requires if you really like cheese baking.

° Using good class Italian seasoning. Some generic brands go with oregano in their Italian seasoning and can really beat this recipe.

° Add any pizza layer you enjoy: cooked sausage crumbs, green peppers, onions, etc., all work well with this.

° It is important to use a package bowl for this recipe so that all biscuits are cooked evenly. If you only use a regular baking dish, the inside will still be doughy while the outside is fine.