Fluffy Banana Dessert

Fluffy Banana Dessert


° 2 10-ounce jars maraschino cherries, drained, patted dry and halved

° 1 can 20 oz crushed pineapple (do not drain)

° 8 ounce tub whipped topping, thawed

° 2 sliced ​​bananas

° 1 box instant banana pudding mix

° 1 c miniature marshmallows

° ½ c chop walnuts

° ¼ cup miniature chocolate chips, plus 1 tbsp for garnish

FIRST STEP:In a large bowl, mix the can of crushed pineapple with the juice and the instant pudding mix. Stir until the mixture thickens

SECOND STEP:Sweetly fold in whipped topping

THIRD STEP:Gently stir in marshmallows, chocolate chips, nuts, bananas and cherries

FOURTH STEP:Cover with plastic wrap or place in an airtight container and refrigerate for at least an hour before serving

Enjoy !

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