Follow These Steps and Your Child Will Never Have Posture Problems

Follow These Steps and Your Child Will Never Have Posture Problems

Spinal problems are among the scariest of medical issues. They can dangerously distort human body. Such medical issues can make life very difficult for people and if they aren’t treated properly they can become more and more severe and can completely change someone’s life for the worse.

These spinal cord issues are known as scoliosis. They may occur due to many reasons and most of them are still unknown. One prominent side effect of scoliosis is the curving of the spinal cord. Scoliosis has different levels. Spines can curve very little (around 10%) to a large amount (around 60%). Scoliosis can also affect young children, with young girls aged ten to fourteen mostly suffer from this ailment.

Usually doctors will not treat a case of mild scoliosis and instead will ask the parents of a child to wait from six months to a year to see if it worsens or stays the same.

The most commonly found cases of scoliosis are first degree ones yet second, third, and fourth degree cases can occur as well.

To determine whether your child or sibling even has scoliosis you need not go to a doctor as there are easy ways to find out at home. Since scoliosis is a curvature of the spine, you should look at certain body parts to see if they are level with each other or not.

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Note whether any of the following are level with each other or whether one is higher than the other.

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Draw a line across the shoulders and see if the line is straight when your child is standing straight in front of you.

If the line is not straight, scoliosis may be present.

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Look carefully at the spine and see if you can make out a curve. If you determine the spine to be in the shape of an S or C consult a doctor immediately.

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See whether the top of the hips is level on each side or not.

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Determine whether your child’s nipples are level or not.

If you believe your child to have mild scoliosis you need not panic as it is possible that it does not develop in to something worse. Your job would be to try and correct your child’s posture. Many children have bad posture due to being sitting for too long and are hesitant to exercise and stretch.

Educating your child on how important posture is, is important. If they don’t understand the negative effects bad posture can have in the long run, then it is unlikely that they will cooperate with you willingly. Show them pictures of people with bad posture to show them how they might become if their posture continues to be like it is. Walk in front of them in a similar way as to how they walk and then show them how it is like to walk with correct posture. Your child will understand how much better walking with a good posture looks.

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Some great ways to get your child a good posture is to have them exercise and stretch. Have them play sports like volleyball and basketball, and enroll them in classes for yoga, ballroom dancing, skating and skiing. These will all greatly help their posture. Swimming is also beneficial as when you swim the pressure on your spine is lifted. You can also install a pull up bar in your house where your child can hang which will also relieve the spine of the pressure it would be under if your child was standing.

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Have them lie down on the floor on their belly and ask them to raise their arms and legs at the same time.
In the same position, ask them to lie flat and raise their head and shoulders.

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Regular squats can help support the muscular framework of the spine.

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Another thing you can do to have your kids get a correct posture is simply getting them a massage!

A massage from a good masseuse can help strengthen the spinal muscles and relieve tension. They are good for health and we recommend you get yourself one too.

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