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French Coconut Pie

French Coconut Pie

I think when you hear “easy as pie” it’s in reference to this pie—this very pie, French Coconut Pie, submitted by eastmemphismama. This pie is as easy as is it gets, and mighty, mighty good too. I mean real, real, good. Like “slap your pappy, call the news, hide in the closet to eat the whole thing, not caring that you have to run ten miles to work it off” kind of good.

And I did say easy, right? Easy as pie.

(I’ve never been known to be obnoxious. No, not me.)

Let’s get started.

Begin with basic ingredients: beaten eggs, sugar, flaked coconut, melted butter, white vinegar, vanilla extract, salt, and a 9″ uncooked pie shell (I used a prepared frozen one from the grocery store—NOT deep dish). Be sure to check the recipe page for the full list of ingredient measurements.

Grab a bowl large enough for mixing all the ingredients. To the sugar, add the melted butter, beaten eggs, white vinegar and vanilla extract. And don’t forget the pinch of salt.

Then goes in the flaked coconut.

Mix all together well.

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