French Onion Soup Stuffed Potatoes


Baked potatoes transformed into something extraordinary. These French onion soup stuffed potatoes are full of flavor. Add grilled steak for an extra filling meal!

I love baked potatoes, especially when they’re transformed into a meal. I could easily eat these twice-baked potatoes or cheesy broccoli stuffed potatoes every week. They’re that good!

I back transforming another spud into something spectacular. This recipe was inspired by one that my mom made. She raved about it and I thought, hey, that does sound pretty good! I didn’t have the recipe to go off, so I kind of winged it.

I’m happy to say my husband was a fan! Two big thumbs up from him. Of course, I did stuff a few with grilled steak to make them more of a meal. More on that later.

To start, you’ll need to grab 4 large russet potatoes. I’ve found that rubbing them with oil and then pricking them 6 times yields a crispy exterior and soft interior. That along with baking them at a high temp- I’m talking 450 degrees.

While they’re baking you’ll make the soup. It’s pretty straightforward. Caramelize the onions, add in the broth and simmer away. Nothing too fancy. The key is low and slow so you don’t burn the onions and a bit of fresh thyme at the end to really brighten things up. Of course, dried will work too!

When the potatoes are fully baked, split them down the middle and pop them open. Add a little pat of butter inside and then slowly ladle in the soup. I like to add a little at a time, going one after another. This allows the potato to absorb it instead of it spilling out. Repeat until all of the soup has been added.

If you want to make these potatoes more of a meal, you can easily add some grilled steak to them. I knew my husband would want some protein so I added some to ours. They’re delicious with and without it!

Place a slice of gruyere or Swiss cheese over the opening. Broil the potatoes until bubbly and golden.

Dig in while these are warm. They are SOOOO good! And for those wondering, they reheat really well too.

You can find a copy of this recipe on the next page. Enjoy!

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