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People spend a lot of time waxing poetic about the benefits of a pie, but I’m going to make a strong announcement: a fruit cobbler beats the pants from a fruit pie. For starters, you don’t have to fret with cold butter and pancake dough in the hot kitchen in mid-July. Cobbler does not have a bottom crust intended for smudging, and if cobbler juices are a little thinned, they actually make for better dessert. Cobbler offers a crisp and soft top crust with a fruit jam filling underneath, requires a scoop of ice cream, and can go from cravings to hot on the table in about an hour.

Regional variations abound, with some imitations of pie dough and others closer to dumplings than pastry, but the best topping for a cobbler is their plain sweet cream biscuit. A creamy biscuit layer baked with a crisp crust that breaks under the pressure of a fork, resulting in a soft, cookie-like biscuit that greedily absorbs rich fruit juices.

Are you ready for the best cobbler in your life – you can save it and bake it anywhere, anytime? Here’s how to do it.

What is a fruit cobbler?

Cobbler, potato chips, and crumbs are often grouped together in a family of recipes that I like to call a casual fruit dessert. The top layer of the cobbler should be a dense, thick pastry – usually a sweet cream biscuit – with a slightly sweetened fruit filling below.

Here are the four steps every cobbler requires.

Make a filling from fruit – from any fruit.

Make a layer of sweet cream biscuit.

Bake the fruit cobbler until bubbly.

Serving the cobbler for joy and delight.

You can find a copy of this recipe on the next page. Enjoy!

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