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Unbelievable Story: How The Alkaline Diet Cured My Brother’s Cancer

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Unbelievable Story How The Alkaline Diet Cured My Brother’s Cancer

So thanks Ana for allowing us to spread your story which informs how powerful human’s body PH levels can be.

“I’ll start my story by saying that I’ve lost many friends and family members, including my mom at the age of 53, as a result of cancer. So you can imagine my fear when I heard that my younger brother was also diagnosed with cancer.

He was diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of 38, and doctors were quite surprised to find that someone that young has this cancer type. With traditional treatment including radiation, chemotherapy, and removed part of his colon, he did manage to beat cancer.

My brother was saying that the treatment he endured was actually more painful than the actual cancer. However, after one year, his scan showed presence of cancer once again. It was a back tumor that spread to his spine and heading towards his spinal column and brain. In addition, he had Squamous Cell Carcinoma as well.

The quickly growing cancer in his spine was more concerning since it wasn’t able for the doctors to operate on it, and once it would reached his brain he would have awful symptoms such as loss of balance, vision/speech or hearing problems, seizures, headaches that disappear only after vomiting etc.

He was told by the doctors there’s nothing to be done, and to go home and be with his family. At that time the son of my brother was 5 years old, so he didn’t want to accept that as a final answer. He heard about an upcoming retreat by one of his colleagues that teaches how to live a healthy and wellness life.

However, it was that same weekend and it costed thousands of dollars. His boss appeared as a blessing at that time, since he offered to join and pay for the retreat. So that weekend they headed to West Palm Florida in the Health Institute for the retreat whose instructors were the best in their specialty field.

Once he returned home, he immediately started with the Gerson Therapy and simultaneously with an alkaline diet, since they perfectly complement each other.

The idea that the development of cancer appears as a result of cell metabolism changes due to toxic accumulation is the basics of the Gerson Therapy. Dr. Gerson says that cancer patients have not enough potassium and too much sodium, which leads to damages of tissues and weakening of organs.

The aim of this specific therapy is to restore the health of the body, which will happen if the liver is repaired and metabolism returned to its normal state. This could be achieved by following a specific organic diet, enemas, and supplements to eliminate toxins, and reviving the cell metabolism.

There was a list of low-sodium and high-potassium foods, which my brother cross referenced with the alkaline diet he had. Most of his daily caloric intake was consisted of juicing raw ingredients.

Alkaline vs acidic levels may be confusing since many believe that it alludes to the pH level in the food. For example, although limes and lemons have an alkaline effect on our body, their natural state is highly acidic.

Alkaline diets require consuming minimal amounts of dairy, meat, white sugar, and white flour because of their acidic effect on our body. The focus should be on fresh fruit and vegetable, soy and nuts products since they have alkaline effects on our body.

The PH level of most people with different illnesses, especially cancer, is around 4. Alkaline environment doesn’t allow growth or existence of cancer cells. They also can’t grow in oxygen presence.

When tissues have high alkaline level they are capable of holding way more oxygen then with high level of acidity.  If the body has high level of alkalinity, it eases the elimination of waste and toxins from the cells.

My brother selected foods with high amounts of potassium and high level of alkalinity, and he consumed only these foods, by either eating or juicing them. In a period of just 2 weeks of his therapy/diet, the PH of his body was raised from 4 to 7.5. The ideal PH level for general health is 7.2, while cancer cells begin to die at 7.5.

So after 2 weeks, his oncologist confirmed that the tumor on his back (spine) was reduced by 75%, whereas after 6 weeks of this treatment, his whole cancer (spinal cancer, back cancer and even sin cancer) was entirely gone.

We were waiting for his results for 2 hours, although usually it took 45 minutes or so. The reason was that the doctor believed he had the wrong scan so he was searching for my brother’s. When he finally confirmed that that’s my brother’s scan, he said “I have no idea what you’ve been doing but keep doing it since your body has no more signs of cancer.”

After 3 years of that day, my brother still does PH level tests once a month, and does his Gerson/Alkaline diet once in a while for a week period which he refers to as a “cleansing time”.

I’m more than grateful to my brother’s colleague for mentioning the retreat, my brother’s boss for enabling him to be part of that retreat, and the strong determination of my brother to fight his cancer for his son.

I wish we have found out about this earlier, because it could have saved my mum as well, and many others. Just remember that there are options! Research and don’t give up!”

Source: LivingTraditionally.com

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