How To Get Rid Of The Pain In The Heels…

Calcare calcanei is bulge of the bone patch and mostly occurs after chronic mechanical overload which is happening from the irritation through walking,

How to Get Rid of Heel Pain

it becomes inflamed and causes pain. Mostly occurs at older people and to those who because of their profession are standing into one position. It is characterized with severe pain in the middle of the heel.

The painful symptoms occur during the first steps in the morning after getting up from bed or after long sitting. The pain occurs in the heel or on its internal space. The pain can be terrifying and unbearable; it feels like there is a nail present inside your heel.

The traditional treatment methods for this problem are considered as more effective than any ointment which can be bought from pharmacy; all they can do is mitigate the problem. The simplest treatment for this kind of heel pain is slowly and several times during the day to knock it on the floor, like this you will increase the circulation, the metabolism of the calcium and will prevent the precipitation of salts.

How to get rid from the pain:

Coating from potatoes – coating from potatoes can be helpful at cases where there is present strong pain. Wash well the potatoes and blend them together with the peel. Pour the mixture on gauze and place it on the sore spot. Wrap it with plastic bag and put socks on it. Change the coatings daily, the treatment should last 7 days.

Coating from honey and salt – You can apply coating from honey and salt. Mix honey plus salt in equal parts and thoroughly place from the mixture on the sore spot and place piece of gauze under, wrap it with plastic bag and put socks. The treatment should be repeated in the next ten days. After the third treatment the pain will be reduced and after the 10th will disappear.

Healing tincture with aspirin – Crush 10 aspirin tables into powder and pour them with 250ml of 70% alcohol. Leave it to stand for 1 to 2 days. Before use, always shake the mixture. Every night put coatings on your heel which should be soaked into the tincture.

Wrap it with plastic bag, put socks on and leave it through the night. Wash and clean well your feet in the morning with water and apply greasy cream for feet on them. If you have callus, cracks and hard deposits on your feet with this tincture you will solve your problem. This tincture can treat the sick places at the varicose veins; with rubbing the pain can instantly disappear. It can be used in osteochondrosis where there is accumulation of salts.


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