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Although people are generally wary of foods that are high in fat, the fat that is found in coconut oil has proven to be beneficial for the heart and other aspects of your health.

Incorporating coconut oil into your diet can help you reduce the risk of heart disease, strengthen your immune system and improve your digestion. But that’s not all.

Coconut oil is also a great addition to your beauty regimen. This versatile ingredient never ceases to amaze us with its endless uses and health benefits. The product that’s gained world-wide fame has been proven to soften skin, strengthen and condition hair, and moisturize your face, allowing you to delay the look of ageing.

Furthermore, it contains anti-microbial properties that kill fungi, yeast and bacteria. This is beneficial for oral and personal hygiene.

In order to help you reap the benefits of this God-sent gift, we’ve compiled a list of recipes for you. With coconut oil, you can easily make your own beauty products, such as deodorant, shaving creaming and body butter, in the comfort of your own home. You’ll never have to navigate your way through another beauty aisle again! Go get that smooth, silky shine in your hair and stay looking young!

coconut oil acne treatment

1. Acne Treatment

You’ve tried all the creams, gels and cleansers, which are supposed to clear your acne and reduce pimples. But nothing seems to work. We have good news: coconut oil is an amazing solution for acne.

Coconut oil contains lauric and capric acid. When these fatty acids are applied to your skin, they are converted into monocaprin and monolaurin, which have antimicrobial activity. This helps to restore the protective layer on your skin which is often removed through regular washing and wiping. Without the microbial infection, acne cannot develop.

Coconut oil also penetrates the skin easily. Thus, it is absorbed quickly and immediately begins reducing inflammation from acne that is already present.


coconut oil deodorant

2. Natural Deodorant

Many commercial antiperspirants contain toxic ingredients that cause side effects, such as skin irritation. In addition, they actually clog your pores as a way of preventing the release of perspiration. These store-bought products are also dangerous as they contain aluminum, which has been linked to breast cancer and an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

This coconut oil deodorant recipe is a much better alternative to antiperspirants. The coconut oil prevents odor by killing fungi, yeast and bacteria, baking soda neutralizes odor and absorbs sweat, and essential oils contain antibacterial properties, which also help prevent odor and the growth of sweat-digesting skin bacteria.


coconut oil eyeliner

3. Eyeliner

Some people swear by the phrase, “If I can’t put it in my mouth, I won’t put it on my face.” This is a good phrase to live by considering the various harmful ingredients that can be found in make-up products. Many cosmetics contain endocrine-disrupting ingredients that have been linked to cancer.

To avoid cancer-causing substances, use coconut oil to make your own cosmetics. Coconut oil, as we all know, is a natural ingredient and free of toxic chemicals, so it won’t leave your skin irritated. Furthermore, when you need to take off the day’s make-up, coconut oil also serves as a great make-up remover.


coconut oil hairmask

4. Hair Mask

Coconut oil has proven to have many health benefits on your hair. In ancient times, coconut oil was used in a remedy that prevented hair loss. In addition to this, coconut oil is now used for a wide variety of hair purposes: it protects hair from damage; cools the scalp; retains moisture and keeps hair soft; fights dandruff, treats lice and restores split ends.

source : http://thinkhealthytips.com

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