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How to Remove Syringomas Permanently at Home?

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How to Remove Syringomas Permanently at Home
Well, they are called syringomas and are technically benign tumors. But, there’s nothing to worry as they are not dangerous. The only concern they might cause is the unattractive appearance.

In fact, this is one of the main reasons why many people decide to remove their syringomas. The usual method of this type of skin bump removal is cauterization. This procedure involves a heated instrument or in some cases even electric current.

However, this method is quite expensive and not always 100% effective. The chances this harmless benign tumor returns after a cauterization are quite big. So, this means paying for another syringoma removal procedure.


Even though this procedure will remove your skin bumps effectively, it won’t be for a lifetime. What’s more, there are several risks involved.

For example, overtreatment of syringomas can leave you with dark scars, especially if you expose those skin areas to unnecessary sunlight right after the procedure.

Moreover, you might develop holes on the skin area treated with cauterization. Also, it might cause infection leading to different problems.

Nevertheless, a surgical removal is not the only option to remove your syringomas. You can treat it naturally with several home remedies which are effective, safe, and cheap.

But, since these are completely natural solutions, you might need some more time before noticing an improvement. Remember to stay patient and be persistent, and those unpleasant skin bumps which surround your eyes will go away forever.

These are the best, natural home remedies for syringomas:

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

This vinegar has an acidic nature which can gradually dissolve the skin bumps known as syringomas. What’s more, its antioxidant content can help heal and repair the skin. Daub some ACV on the affected skin area using a cotton swab. Do this few times a day for a week.

2. Lemon Juice

You can use lemon juice to treat your syringoma due to its acidic nature similar to that of apple cider vinegar. Furthermore, it contains vitamin C which will prevent the appearance of scars after removing the skin bumps.

3. Aloe Vera Gel

This is another simple, yet effective home remedy for syringomas. Just apply some Aloe Vera gel directly on the affected skin area, and the yellowish skin bumps will gradually disappear. In addition, the vitamin E it contains can help prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

4. Castor Oil

Besides using castor oil for flatulence and colic, you can also use it to eliminate your syringomas safely and effectively. According to some people, combining few drops of this oil with some baking soda creates even more powerful syringoma remedy. Apply the paste on the affected spot for two or three times daily for optimal results.

5. Onion Juice

Onion juice is an excellent natural remedy for removing syringomas. All you have to do is apply some of it on the affected skin area and leave it for 10 minutes. Then, rinse your skin with water. For best results, repeat two or three times a day.

6. Garlic

Last but not least, garlic is just as good in eliminating these unpleasant skin bumps as any other home remedy on this list. Crush a garlic clove and apply several small pieces over the affected spot. Secure it with a small adhesive tape.

We recommend doing this before going to bed, as in this way the garlic enzymes will have enough time to act.

If you know any other home remedy for removing syringomas, feel free to share in the comments below. You can also tell us if you decide to try some of these.

Source Health Digezt | Derm Net NZ; Image Source Cancer Wall

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