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I Would Hop All Over Town For One Bite Of This Carrot Cake!

I Would Hop All Over Town For One Bite Of This Carrot Cake!

On the second Tuesday of every month, we have a prayer circle that gets together at someone’s house to socialize and worship. It’s only about an hour long meeting, but it gives us a reason to see each other, and to get out of the house. Whoever hosts the party usually makes up some sort of snack for everyone to enjoy at the end. That keeps us together for a little longer and usually gives us something else to talk about too. The last time that they all came to my house, I really wanted to impress them with something special… something that we had never had at any of our meetings prior. I had to go on the hunt!

I never really made a carrot cake before, but I saw this recipe on Group Recipes and it made it seem like it was not only going to be easy, but also delicious. I had to make one up before the meeting, just to be sure that I was going to be able to do it properly.

It was even easier than what I had expected it to be. After I gathered up all the ingredients and started working on it, there wasn’t much to it. Who knew that carrot cake baking could be so simple?


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