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If Your Phone Charger Breaks, Try These 5 Tricks

If Your Phone Charger Breaks, Try These 5 Tricks

Nowadays, we all depend on our cell phones to some extent. Whether it’s just to make the occasional phone call, a necessity for work, or something you can’t live without, the majority of us needs to have a mobile phone with us at most times.

Well, where there are phones, there must be phone chargers. There’s no other way to get our phone the battery life they require than plugging them into your handy dandy charging chord, which makes these chords an absolute must-have. But like most thing, these chords are all too easy to break – typically when you need them most.

If your chord has started to fray or just snapped all together, don’t panic! You don’t need to go without technology or run out to buy another chord ASAP.

These five brilliant hacks are perfect for extending the life of any charger that seems to be on its last leg. Here are a few of ours favorites:

1. The Bendy Straw

Using bendy straw to fix charger.
Rumble via sjansw

Noticing a good length of your chord is starting to fall apart? You can give it an extra layer of protection by going into the kitchen and grabbing a bendy straw. If you can use a straw the same color as your charging cable, even better!

Take the straw and use a scissor to cut off the length you need. Then slice open one side and put the straw around the breaking chord. Tape the straw on (again clear tape or tape the same color is best) and you have a protective layer that bends as easily as the rest of your chord.

2. The Paracord

Wrapping paracord around charger.Rumble via jsansw

Most of us probably don’t have paracord, typically used for parasailing or parachuting, lying around the house. But we might want to start stocking up on it after hearing this brilliant hack.

Take this malleable cord, cut open one end, and take out the white insides. Then use a flame to burn the end shut once again. Tie the paracord around the broken part of your charger and continue to weave the cord on until there’s about an inch or two of paracord around the breakage.

Make sure to watch the Rumble video below for a step-by-step look at this one, as the weaving motion is a little easier to understand visually.

3. The Twist Tie

Twist tie around chord.Rumble via jsansw

This one might be the easiest of all! All you need is a twist tie (maybe two, if the damage is extensive) and a little glue.

Start by gluing one end of the twist tie to the broken chord, then twist it around the chord so that it’s snuggly on. Glue down the other end, just in case. This is the perfect solution for a quick little fix if the end of your chord is starting to fray/fall off.

For the other two ingenious ways to fix your charger at home, and to see all five ideas in action, make sure to watch the helpful video below!

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