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Italian Bomboloni Recipe

Italian Bomboloni Recipe

Bomboloni is an irresistible light and delicious Italian cake fried, topped with granulated sugar and traditionally filled with pastry cream.

Happy two ! A new crazy week has begun, and the truth is, the only consolation I can offer you is cakes! More specifically, Bomboloni, which is an absolutely amazing Italian donut. These are completely homemade and easier than you think! You need to give these babies enough time to wake up until they become light, fluffy, and sugary clouds. very good. This is worth the wait!

I’ve had these things all the time growing up in Italy, but the last time I got these cool bombs was the last time I made a trip there, which was … a million years ago. I even included a picture of Pomegranate in these short summaries I wrote in the travel post because it’s awesome and I think everyone deserves to eat it.

It got very classic with Pomboloni this time, and decided to coat it with granulated sugar and fill it with cream {or diplomatic cream, depending on who you ask}, a great combination of pastry cream (cream pastiqueira) and whipped cream. If I could eat one thing until my death day, then honestly it’s probably Chantilly cream because it’s so delicious!

It is rich thanks to the pastry cream but is also light and fluffy due to the folded whipped cream. The best of both worlds. The only downside to this heavenly blend is that the cream starts to shrink and liquefy as it sits in Pomegranate, so I’ll say things right before applying for the best results!

+Preparation: 15 minutes

+Cooking time: 3 minutes

+Serving: 6 persons

You can find a copy of this recipe on the next page. Enjoy!

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