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Make Your Life Easier With These 15 Awesome Hacks!

Make Your Life Easier With These 15 Awesome Hacks!

When it comes to helpful, eye-opening, and sometimes silly hacks, we’ve got you covered. After all, providing you with illuminating tips and tricks is kind of our M.O.! That’s why we want to share some of our all-time favorites with you today. We promise each and every one of them will make your life just THAT much easier.

Here are 15 hacks we just can’t live without. For full tutorials, be sure to click on the links below

  1. T-Shirt folding to perfection

    dollar hack splitscreenDo It On a Dime

    If you haven’t been using plastic dish mats to help you fold your t-shirts, we bet you’ve got some really disorganized clothing drawers to tackle!

  2. Toilet roll air freshener

    Person\'s Hand Using Toilet PaperAndreyPopov via Deposit Photos

    You wouldn’t believe it, but the most effective DIY air freshener isn’t in a can, but in your toilet paper roll. Just add some essential oil to the cardboard center, and your bathroom will smell like heaven.

  3. Baby wipe storage

    diaper hackThe Painted Dragon

    With just a couple of hairbands, an ordinary plastic baby wipe case can be transformed into a compact diaper bag.

  4. Weatherproof shoes

    waterproof shoes featuredlittlethings

    Even the flimsiest canvas shoes can be made into virtual rain shoes with this DIY waterproofing hack!

  5. Bubble wrap insulation

    Window Bubble WrapAlaskaGranny

    Save some precious dough on your sky-high winter utility bill by lining your chilly windows with bubble wrap.

  6. Floor-dusting slippers

    Slipper dustpadsGoodful

    Why would you get caught sweeping your floor with a broom when you can ‘sweep’ it with your shoes instead?

  7. Orange peeling and storage made easy


    Did you know that the skin of an orange serves as the perfect vessel for the peeled fruit itself? Not only is this hack super easy to execute, the technique helps keep the orange safe and intact in even the messiest of lunchboxes.

  8. Egg peeling made easy

    Spoon Egg PeelCrazy Russian Hacker

    Though we’ve shared plenty of worthy egg-peeling hacks with you over the years, we think this one is quite possibly our favorite!

  9. Cook perfectly proportioned burgers

    ground meat portioningFOOD AND WINE

    The secret to storing perfectly portioned frozen ground meat? A sturdy plastic freezer bag and a wooden ruler!

  10. Stay-put curtain

    magnetic curtainHow Does She

    If you’re struggling with a floppy curtain, then it may be time to bring out the big guns—magnets!

  11. Hanging water bag fly repellant

    hanging water bagsamerican web media via internetroi

    Ever wonder why you keep seeing those mysterious water-filled freezer bags hanging above the doorways of houses? As it turns out, they are the most effective fly repellants around!

  12. Transform the taste of cheap steak

    Cheap Steak RubCooktop Stove

    Just because you don’t have the cash to drop on expensive steak doesn’t mean you won’t be tasting filet mignon.

  13. Make your bandages stick

    bandage techniqueThe Doctors

    There’s nothing worse than applying a bandage to your finger, only to have it slide it off after you wash your hands! With this trusty hack, you’ll wonder why Band-Aids don’t come pre-cut in the first place.

  14. Keep nosy deer out of your garden

    soap deer deterrentsmalltown442

    A deer’s ultimate nemesis? Bars of soap, of course!

  15. Plastic bottle air conditioning

    DIY air conditionerWEAREX

    Attaching a couple of frosty water bottles to the back of a fan makes for the coolest DIY A/C around!

Now that you know about our all-time favorite hacks, we’d love to hear from you! Have you tried any of these tips and tricks on the list? If so, were you happy with the results? Do you have some time-saving tricks of your own that you would like to share?