Mexican Shrimp Cocktail

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The Mexican shrimp cocktail, also known as Cóctel de Camarónes, does not look like an American shrimp cocktail at all. 
The Mexican Shrimp Cocktail is almost like a “salad in a cup” stuffed with crunchy vegetables and shrimp in a spicy and spicy tomato sauce. Can’t you love him?
But first … Rick Baylis … I love you and you are my favorite of Mexican recipes. I drooled over my mouth when I watched you prepare this classic Mexican seaside meal in the cool “Panna” app on iPad.
But now, Cinco de Mayo is walking around while I’m in the mood for Mexican food. I made your own application recipe which required the combination of one cup of ketchup and one cup plus two tablespoons of lemon juice. I hate to tell you and the app producers this, but that’s a serious sour lemonade that’s going on.

1 medium white onion

6 large garlic cloves, roughly chopped

Two tablespoons of salt, plus more to taste

You can find a copy of this recipe on the next page. Enjoy!

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