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Never Store These 5 Items in Your Garage!

Never Store These 5 Items in Your Garage!

Unless you’ve recently moved homes or downsized, it’s safe to say that your closets are likely bursting at the seams. It’s nothing to be ashamed of—even the most organized domestic gods and goddesses look to utilize every piece of storage space that they can! Because of this, it’s only natural for some of our lesser-used items to end up pushed to the sides of our garage.

Now, we know that none of you are necessarily proud of regulating your overflow items to the place in which you should be parking your car. Not only does this bad Feng Shui practice force you to leave your valuable ride in the driveway, it also could end up ruining your belongings

Why garages should never double as closets or cupboards

Unlike your comfy abode, your garage doesn’t come equipped with the same level of insulation or climate control. Because of this, temperatures tend to get blistering hot in the summer and frigid in the wintertime. These extreme changes in environment can add wear and tear to even the sturdiest of items.

In addition to the constant rise and fall of temperatures, your garage also lacks ventilation, meaning moisture is prevalent, especially in humid climates. Don’t believe us? Just take a good look at your car’s windows the next time you experience an overnight downpour—chances are, that glass will be fogged up!

Because garages are veritable breeding grounds for moisture, you are putting your valuables at risk, as they may be exposed to hazardous mold, mildew, and BUGS. Yuck!

close-up of moth on wood
Mark Turnauckas via Flickr

So far, we’ve just discussed objects that could become ruined if stored in the garage, but there are actually quite a few that could end up becoming dangerous if left in an enclosed area.

For instance, any item that has not been rated to endure extreme hot or cold environments, like cans containing gases, can actually turn out to be quite hazardous. Low temperatures could prove too much for your tank, which may lead to a dangerous explosion. Scary stuff!

The worst items to store in your garage

Now that you know all about why your garage is not the most hospitable of environments, let’s discuss the top 5 things that should only be left in your home or outside.

  1. Canned Goods

    Your canned foods will stay tasty until their expiration date if you store them in a dry, temperate environment.

  2. Propane Tanks

    Propane tanks need proper ventilation, which means that even the smallest ones don’t have any business being inside. Instead, follow the valve turn-off instructions on your tank and keep it outdoors in an area that doesn’t get too much foot or vehicle traffic.

  3. Second Refrigerator

    Unless you are comfortable with overpaying on your monthly utility bill, it’s best that you keep your second refrigerator in a climate controlled area.

  4. Clothing and fabrics

    As far as storing fabrics goes, you’re best to keep them in cool, dark, and dry areas. For even better seasonal protection, consider using vacuum-sealed bags.

  5. Pictures

    Your family photos will do best when plastic-sealed in dry, cool, and dark conditions.

Definitely something to consider! To get even more helpful insight on how your garage could ruin these 5 vulnerable items, be sure to watch the video below.

What do you think of this list? Are you guilty of storing any of these items in your garage? How have you managed to expand the storage space in your home?