Pancakes with a DELICIOUS Twist

Pancakes with a DELICIOUS Twist
Pancakes with toasted coconut. Dave Wallis / The Forum

Pancakes are, of course, a big childhood memory. I think my favorite memory was one of the few times my cousin and I got to sleep at our aunts’ place about an hour south of where we lived. It was such a fun trip. There were Slurpees, doggies giving kisses and being fun, games, and in the morning? No, Donkey, not waffles… PANCAKES! They had everything for the waffles. They had like 2 or 3 types of jam, maple (real and fake) syrup, copious amounts of butter, AND powdered sugar. Ahhhhh, delicious!

These cottage cheese pancakes are something that never made an appearance in my life until I found this recipe. It’s amazing! I can’t believe no one had ever introduced me to these before! Give them a shot. They’re totally worth it.

What says “family Sunday” more than pancakes for breakfast with the whole fam bam before heading out on some venture? Nothing is the correct answer, haha. Next time you have a pancake breakfast, try these cottage cheese pancakes!

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