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Pregnant Mom Asks Yogurt Shop Assistant One Simple Question. Only When They Reassure Her Does She Take A Bite. Seconds Later, She Feels Her Throat Closing Up

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A pregnant woman in Australia was terrified for the health and safety of her unborn baby after she had a severe allergic reaction to the yogurt she was eating.

According to Yahoo 7 News, Melissa Presti ordered a cacao crumble from a juice bar and asked the employee making her yogurt bowl to ensure that there were no nuts inside her order.

Almost immediately after taking her first bite, Presti began suffering telltale signs of an allergic reaction.

According to reports, Presti was forced to rush to the nearest hospital right away, where it took four shots of adrenaline to subside her symptoms.

Presti later explained to Yahoo 7 News that she asked staff at the Top Juice Store if the yogurt she ordered contained any nut products whatsoever, but she was soon given the OK to eat it.

“She was so adamant there was nothing that contained anything but almonds, which I can eat,” Presti said. “My lips started to swell, my eyes started to puff up, and I struggled to breathe.”

“I thought, I’ve got this baby that I’m not going to live to meet, so it was terrifying,” she added.

Presti is now furious that her unborn baby was put in such a dangerous situation, and she wants somebody to take responsibility for what happened.

“[We’re] not happy. You should know – the ingredients should be listed in what’s in all yoghurts,” said Presti’s husband, Nicholas.

The shop now believes the yogurt either came in contact with another peanut product, or peanuts were accidentally mixed into the yogurt by the supplier.

A sign has since been put up in the shop that reads: “Products are processed in facilities that handle nuts and other allergens.”

According to Presti, however, the sign was not there when she visited the shop earlier this week.

The mom-to-be is now warning other people with serious food allergies to be extra cautious.

“If you see any products that’s close by – don’t take the risk. Don’t take the chance,” she said.

Yahoo 7 News has since shared this story on Facebook, where most commenters agreed that employees need more training.

“Cc also is an issue. If they use same utensil to scoop icecream. Staff should be educated with cc. I once went to a cafe and asked for gf bread. They placed it onto the board were normal bread is. A big no for people who are celiac. Think more training needs to be done,” one woman wrote.

“Staff should be trained to take allergies seriously. Better to lose a sale than possibly be responsible for someone dying,” another added.

source : healthypage.com

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