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She Dies Inside A Nursing Home. But When Her Family Notices Marks On Her Body, Suspicions Arise.

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pamela matthres glaucoma blind alzheimers disease woman died in nursing home

85-year-old Pamela Matthews died in the care home she was staying in. Matthews was blind and had elderly dementia. Matthews was covered in twenty cuts and bruises, SWNS reports.

An investigation commenced after Matthews was found beaten up and in very severe condition when she died, prompting officials to dig deeper and inquire about her death. After discovering that caretakers even failed to record the injuries, officials became more suspicious.

Matthews’ cuts and burns mostly composed of carpet burns, deep gashes, and extensive bruising. She only stayed at the home called Woodbine Manor for about a month. The family paid at least $900 a week for her stay in there.

Celia Matthews, her 63-year-old daughter discovered her cuts and bruises on her legs. She, along with her family, were told that they were caused by a fall that Matthews had suffered.

Celia wasn’t convinced. She alleged inquired the staff why they made her mother crawl on the floor. The family came up with a plan to install a hidden camera in Matthews’ room. However, they had to postpone it because an ambulance was called for Matthews.

When paramedics arrived at the home, they discovered more cuts and bruises on Matthews’ body after they took her clothes off. Her family claimed that none of the caretakers even bothered to record any of the injuries.

Matthews, who used to work as a civil servant in Fulham, London, was taken to the hospital. One of the doctors couldn’t help but tear up after seeing her bruised body.

Matthews, who’s a mother of two children, didn’t speak again and eventually died twelve days later from pneumonia.

Christina Ioannou, Matthews’ granddaughter said that although she had reported the incident to Sussex Police Department, there were no actions taken and she hadn’t heard anything yet.

Ioannou said, “Before nan went to Woodbine she was happy and in good spirits but the home finished her. It totally destroyed her. The worst part is that we don’t know how she got any of the injuries.

We don’t know what she went through because nothing was recorded and no pictures were taken. I don’t know if they were moving her around incorrectly or she was hurt intentionally, but I know she was treated with no dignity at all.

“They took away the end of her life but absolutely nothing has been done since we reported our concerns, and other residents are still living there. There was no reason for her to die when she did. Her condition hadn’t worsened at all and there were no signs of infection.

“We just feel so guilty that we didn’t get her out of there. Whatever she went through killed her but absolutely nothing has been done. There needs to be an investigation and that place needs to be sorted out.”

Matthews was married to her husband Leonard for 54 years. The former quartermaster died of cancer fourteen years ago.



SWNSIoannou said, “She was really happy at first, she loved it. She was overwhelmed. She didn’t realize where she was and she said, ‘I’m so lucky to be here.’”

She continued, “But she was only there for four weeks and it all went wrong. Nothing can be done for my nan now, but there are other residents still living at the home. People just don’t want to know.”

Matthews was diagnosed with glaucoma with tunnel vision and Alzheimer’s disease. She was already registered as a blind person in June 2015.

Woodbine Manor stated, “The case went to safeguarding and it is private and confidential. We have followed all the recommendations and it was all dealt with. We are not prepared to comment on it as it is private and confidential.”

Amanda Stride, Head of Inspection for Adult Social Care at the Care Quality Commission, said, “CQC can confirm inspectors are currently inspecting Woodbine Manor Care Home in Bognor Regis, West Sussex, as a result of information of concern raised to us. A report detailing the findings of our most recent inspection will be published in due course.

Stride continued, “Our first concern is the welfare of the people who have been living at Woodbine Manor Care Home. We are satisfied that the local authority and safeguarding teams have acted in conjunction with the provider to ensure the safety of people living there.”

source : http://swns.com

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