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Sloppy Joe Mini Pizzas

Sloppy Joe Mini Pizzas

As busy as we are, family meals are a great way for us to unwind and enjoy some much needed time together. My husband and I look forward to dinnertime because it means stopping all work, and finally getting a chance to talk to our tween daughter about her day.

Manwich Monday
Even though I love to cook, I don’t have the luxury of spending hours in the kitchen preparing made from scratch meals. I just want dinner to be quick, easy, and tasty! That’s why I use Manwich Monday to start the week off right. As we all know, Monday’s are the worst— there’s always so much to do, with just a little amount of time. I know that on Monday, I can start the week off right with a delicious family dinner that everyone will love. The less time I spend in the kitchen, the I more I can spend with my favorite people.
It’s Quick

With Manwich, I can whip up almost any kind of recipe I can imagine with quality ingredients. It’s a hearty sauce with a sweet, tangy taste, and it comes in three flavors: Original, Bold, and Thick & Chunky. I love that because it means I have a base for almost any kind of recipe I can think of. The possibilities are endless!
It’s Versatile
All I need is Manwich and some ground meat (we rotate between turkey, chicken and beef), and I’m good to go. From there, I can do almost anything from top a baked potato to stuffed bell peppers. And if you’re not into meat, that’s cool, too. Manwich is meatless, which makes it perfect for carnivores OR herbivores. 😉

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