Slow Cooker Garlic Butter Beef Bites & Potatoes: A Mouthwatering Meal to Savor

Discover the magic of slow cooking with this easy Garlic Butter Beef Bites & Potatoes recipe. Perfect for busy families!

Slow Cooker Garlic Butter Beef Bites Potatoes

Slow Cooker Garlic Butter Beef Bites Potatoes

Are you ready for a culinary journey that promises both simplicity and mouthwatering flavors? Dive into this slow cooker recipe for Garlic Butter Beef Bites & Potatoes, a dish that will captivate your taste buds and make your mealtime a delightful experience. With a blend of succulent beef, tender potatoes, and a rich garlic butter sauce, this recipe is the epitome of comfort food.

Why Choose This Slow Cooker Recipe?

Effortless Cooking: Utilizing a slow cooker means you can set it up in the morning and come home to a ready-to-eat meal. This is perfect for busy individuals or families.

Flavorful and Nutritious: Combining lean beef, wholesome potatoes, and garlic not only provides a hearty meal but also offers a good balance of protein, carbs, and essential nutrients.

Versatility: This dish is adaptable for any season and can be served in various ways to please any palate.

Shopping List

  • Beef stew meat (2 pounds)
  • Butter (5 tablespoons)
  • Baby yellow potatoes (1 pound)
  • Onion powder (1 tablespoon)
  • Garlic powder (1 teaspoon)
  • Fresh garlic (1 tablespoon, chopped)
  • Seasoned salt (2 teaspoons)

Recipe Snapshot

  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 6-8 hours
  • Total Time: About 8 hours 10 minutes
  • Servings: 6

Ingredients You’ll Need

  • Beef Stew Meat: 2 pounds – Rich in protein and full of flavor, stew meat is ideal for slow cooking.
  • Butter: 5 tablespoons, sliced – Adds a silky, rich texture to the sauce.
  • Baby Yellow Potatoes: 1 pound – They cook perfectly in the slow cooker, becoming tender and flavorful.
  • Onion Powder: 1 tablespoon – Provides a sweet and savory depth.
  • Garlic Powder: 1 teaspoon – Complements the beef with its robust flavor.
  • Chopped Garlic: 1 tablespoon – For that irresistible punch of fresh garlic taste.
  • Seasoned Salt: 2 teaspoons – Enhances the overall flavor of the dish.

Step-by-Step Cooking Instructions

  1. Preparation: Begin by placing the beef stew meat evenly at the bottom of your slow cooker. This ensures that each piece cooks uniformly and absorbs the flavors thoroughly.
  2. Season the Meat: Sprinkle the onion powder, garlic powder, and seasoned salt over the beef. Gently mix the spices with the meat to coat it well. This step is crucial for flavor development.
  3. Arrange the Potatoes: Add the baby potatoes next to the beef in the slow cooker. The arrangement allows both the beef and potatoes to cook evenly while soaking up the seasoning and butter.
  4. Add Butter and Garlic: Scatter the sliced butter evenly over the beef and potatoes. Follow with the chopped garlic, distributing it throughout the cooker. The butter and garlic will melt and mingle to create a delicious sauce as they cook.
  5. Cook: Cover the slow cooker and set it to cook on low for 6-8 hours. The long cooking time makes the beef incredibly tender and allows the potatoes to absorb the garlic butter flavor fully.
  6. Final Stir: Gently stir everything together before serving to ensure that the flavors are well distributed.

Serving Suggestions

Serve these Garlic Butter Beef Bites & Potatoes with:

  • Fresh Parsley: A sprinkle of chopped fresh parsley not only adds a pop of color but also a fresh, herby flavor that cuts through the richness of the dish.
  • A Side Salad: Opt for a crisp green salad with a light vinaigrette to balance the hearty nature of the beef and potatoes.
  • Crusty Bread: Ideal for sopping up the delicious sauce!

Nutritional Information

Each serving provides a good balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fats, making it a wholesome choice for a family dinner. The garlic and onion not only enhance the taste but also offer health benefits like improved heart health and immune support.


This Slow Cooker Garlic Butter Beef Bites & Potatoes recipe is a testament to the magic of slow cooking. With minimal prep and maximum flavor, it’s a dish that offers comfort and nourishment. It’s perfect for anyone looking for a delicious, hassle-free meal to serve on any occasion.

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