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Spicy Sausage, Bean, and Chard Stew — Warm and Delicious

Spicy Sausage, Bean, and Chard Stew — Warm and Delicious

Even when the weather outside is getting warmer, you sometimes can’t help but crave for food that will bring warmth and comfort to the body. On such days when you crave cold-weather food in warm weather, there’s no helping it. But you might as well make the craving count by whipping up a delicious stew that will satisfy the craving thoroughly.

One such stew that will completely take care of that craving is this spicy sausage, bean, and chard stew. It’s meaty, it’s tasty, and it’s packed with nutrition. It’s great comfort food to have when you’re down, regardless of whatever kind of weather you’re having outside.

This spicy sausage, bean, and chard stew has all that you need to lift your mood up when you’re feeling down. It’s full of protein for energy from the beans and the sausage, plus loads of Vitamin A and C from the chard. And if you’re into spice, this stew is right up there in the heat level. It’s a really beautiful dish to enjoy all year-round, and it’s courtesy of Nancy from Spicie Foodie.

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