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Surgeons urge people to throw away that wire bristle BBQ brush ASAP

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If you’re a backyard BBQ master, you probably own the standard wire BBQ brush that most grill masters have. But did you know that these brushes are actually harmful and that doctors are recommending they be thrown away before they cause serious harm to your and your fellow diners?

Backyard cooks are now being told to ditch these brushes, as they can lead some severe health problems for those who utilize them. These brushes will often come undone during the grilling process and when the bristles fall onto the grill, they make their way into the food and lead to a host of problems.

 When you swallow a bite of your BBQ goodies that contains bristles from these brushes, you could placing yourself at serious risk. The mouth and throat are placed in severe jeopardy and the flap of cartilage (known as the epiglottis) that provides coverage to the windpipe can be damaged.

These bristles have led to several patients requiring emergency medical assistance and if these issues are not treated in a timely fashion, they may even threaten the patient’s life and their long term health prognosis as a result.


Once the bristles work their way through the body, they can puncture any number of vital organs and in most instances, the bristles are not visible to the person who is consuming the tainted food. Emergency surgical procedures are often needed to save the patient’s life and if you are still using the same old wire brush, it is time to toss it away and start anew.

Please take a moment to pass this story along your grill master pals, so that they can take their proper precautions and save the ones they love from an uncertain fate. If you insist on continuing to use a wire brush, pay close attention to your grill and keep it free of all debris.

source : http://alfastories.com

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