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The Real Truth about Microwaves Everyone Ignores!

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the real truth about microwaves everyone ignores

A lot of people consider microwaving a simple, convenient cooking method. In fact, the microwave oven has been used in the United States for a few decades. The use of microwave ovens has literally transformed our society and how we view food.

However, is microwaving the healthiest cooking alternative? Of course, not, since there are much healthier methods that let the nutrients remain in the food.

A great number of studies have shown that microwave ovens can have a harmful impact on our health.

How Do Microwave Ovens Work or Cook out/Heat Food?

Microwaves are actually a type of electromagnetic energy, such as radio waves or light waves. They occupy a part of the electromagnetic power or energy spectrum.

To explain you more deeply, an electron tube known as a magnetron produces microwaves inside the oven. Additionally, the microwaves are reflected in the metal interior of the oven, so the food can easily absorb them. Moreover, microwaves make water molecules in food vibrate, which produces the heat that cooks the food. As a result of this, foods high in water, such as fresh veggies, are cooked more quickly than any other foods.

There are nearly 2.45 billion hertz inside of the microwave. But, it usually increases in case the microwave door’s seal ages as well as starts leaking. Researchers have concluded that 10 hertz is the frequency amount, which can lead to harmful effects on your body. Therefore, be especially careful when using a microwave oven and avoid standing near an operating microwave.

 Here Are Some Side-Effects of Using a Microwave Oven:
  • Weakens the immune system
  • Leads to birth defects
  • Reduces resistance to bacterial and viral infections
  • Elevates the possibility of developing cataracts because there is a small amount of blood vessels in the eyes to dissipate the heat and cellular stress from the microwave
  • Increases the risk of many cancer types and other serious diseases.
Here Are the Harmful Effects of the Microwave Oven on Food:
  • Hans Hertel is a Swiss scientist who carried out a study showing that microwaving food destroys the essential nutrients in the food;
  • The microwave radiation destroys and deforms food molecules, thus producing harmful radioactive compounds;
  • A study from Search for Health tested the effects of consuming microwaved vegetables. The results showed that the participants experienced an increase in cholesterol levels and leukocytes, which indicates poisoning as well as cell damage. That’s not all, they also experienced a reduction in haemoglobin and white blood cells;
  • Breaks molecular and chemical bonds;
  • The structure of microwaved Infant formulas is altered, which creates immunological abnormalities;
  • Microwaved breast milk can lose up to 96% of its antibodies.

The high levels of electromagnetic fields can harm your health even if the microwave oven is sealed properly. Namely, these electromagnetic fields may penetrate your body, thus leading to serious illnesses.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommends limited EMF exposure of .5mG to 2.5mG. On the other hand, you are exposed to 100 – 500mG if you stand about 4 inches from the microwave.

Although microwaves are convenient appliances for heating up or cooking food, they can reduce the nutritional profile of the food and increase your risk of various health issues.

Source: livingtraditionally.com