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THIS Natural Remedy Can Cleanse Your Arteries More Effectively than Conventional Drugs!

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THIS Natural Remedy Can Cleanse Your Arteries More Effectively than Conventional Drugs

Stress, physical inactivity, and especially, poor nutrition can result in an increased risk of heart attack.

Unfortunately, the common blood pressure and cholesterol-reducing drugs are not very effective. Not only these drugs are not effective at unclogging arteries, but the most popular type of these drugs, i.e., cholesterol-reducing statins, is associated with more than 300 adverse side effects.

In addition, here are the results of a clinical trial conducted on the beneficial effects of pomegranate juice consumption on cardiovascular health. The study was carried out 2 years ago.

Pomegranate Is a Precious Fruit that Can Effectively Clean Your Arteries

Here is the full version of the study. The regular consumption of pomegranate can reduce your risk of premature death from cardiovascular or heart disease.

The regular consumption of pomegranate juice led to a dramatic intima media thickness (IMT) reduction, by 30%, after one year.

What Is the Intima Media Thickness Reduction?

The intima media thickness is actually a marker of subclinical atherosclerosis used in observational trials and studies as a proxy or intermediate end point for cardiovascular disease. It is the arterial middle portion, which becomes inflamed and loaded with plaque. Moreover, the plaque typically contains oxidized fats, immune cells, and other toxins and waste materials. The health issue is also known as clogged arteries.

Since the intima media gets thicker, there is less space for the blood to pass through the opening of the arteries. If the arteries become clogged, it may contribute to serious injury or death. So, you should safely lower or reverse intima media thickening and find the underlying cause of atherosclerosis to decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease.

As mentioned previously, cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death. Prescription medications only decrease lipoproteins carrying cholesterol or surrogate markers for risk of cardiovascular disease without any profound evidence that it can lower all-cause or cardiovascular disease mortality. But, a simple daily dietary change can reverse the underlying disease process in a large number of fatal cardiac cases. All you need to do is introduce pomegranate in your daily diet.

In addition, here are some details of the clinical trial that further confirm the value of this fruit in preventing and treating many chronic conditions, including cardiovascular disease.

Pomegranate Juice Can Cleanse Your Arteries More Effectively than Conventional Drugs

The clinical trial was actually published in Clinical Nutrition 2 years ago. The trial was carried out by Israeli researchers who found that the regular consumption of pomegranate juice within 1 year significantly reduced carotid arterial plaque build-up in those suffering from severe, asymptomatic, carotid artery stenosis. The clinical trial involved 19 patients, i.e., 14 men and 5 women between 65-75 years old. None of the patients were smokers. 10 patients received 50ml of pomegranate juice daily, whereas the other 9 patients received placebo.

The pomegranate juice involved .036 ml of total polyphenols (anthocyanins and tannins) within a period of one year.

The researchers concluded that the intima media thickness the right and left carotid arteries in the participants suffering from carotid artery stenosis who received pomegranate juice within a period of one year was decreased 13% for 3 months, 22% for 6 months, 26% for 9 months, and 35% for 12 months compared to the control group.

The control group had an increase in carotid artery stenosis by 9% for one year. Consequently, in case we assume that the patients did not receive pomegranate juice, then the carotid arterial thickening would have continued to increase of about 9% for one year, 18% for 2 years, etc. Furthermore, this means that after a period of 3 years of consuming pomegranate juice, the arterial thickening would have been dropped by a whopping 60%.

On the other hand, there is not any pharmaceutical medication that was found to reduce plaque accumulation in the carotid arteries by 13% within 3 months!

Here Is How Pomegranate Juice Improves Your Cardiovascular Health

The researchers found 3 therapeutic properties behind the observed anti-atherosclerotic effect of pomegranate juice:

– Offers Blood Pressure-Regulating Abilities:

The consumption of pomegranate juice contributed to normalized blood pressure levels. To be more specific, the systolic blood pressure in those taking the juice was decreased 7% for 1 month, 11% for 3 months, 10% for 6 months, and 12% for a year after the pomegranate treatment in comparison to values acquired before treatment. The pomegranate can dramatically decrease systolic blood pressure, which suggests that it can heal the endothelium as well as the inner lining of the artery that cannot relax completely in heart disease.

– Acts as a Miraculous Antioxidant Agent:

The participants who consumed pomegranate juice had a great decrease in oxidative stress. That’s not all, they also experienced a significant decline in autoantibodies created against ox-LDL. To explain you more deeply, oxidative stress reduction can be measured by PON1 increase of 91% after 3 years. In addition, PON1 is actually an enzyme. Its increased activity is connected to decreased oxidative stress. In fact, pomegranate juice consumption protects against the heart disease-causing effects of oxidative stress.

– Stabilizes Plaque Lesion:

As 2 of the participants who consumed the juice experienced clinical deterioration, they had to undergo carotid surgery. Additionally, the lesions were examined to identify the difference in their composition to the control group. There were 4 distinct positive differences in the pomegranate-treated lesion’s composition, including:

– Decreased LDL Oxidation: There was a great decline of 43% in LDL oxidation by lesions from those taking pomegranate juice for 3 or 12 months compared to LDL oxidation levels acquired by lesions from those who did not take the juice.

– Lowered Lipid Peroxides: The lipid peroxides in lesions from those consuming the juice for 3 or 12 months were decreased by 61% in comparison to lesions from those who did not take the juice.

– Decreased LDL (Bad) Cholesterol Levels: The cholesterol levels in carotid lesions from the 2 patients who received the juice were decreased by a whopping 58% compared to lesions from participants who did not take the juice.

– Elevated Reduced Glutathione Content: There was a substantial elevation in the lesion reduced glutathione content, which is a main cellular antioxidant, by 2.5-fold after consuming the juice for 3 or 12 months.

It is also important to know that all patients involved in the trial took conventional medication for cardiovascular disease, i.e., blood pressure and cholesterol–reducing drugs. However, the pomegranate juice treatment did not interfere with these drugs, which means it is a suitable adjunct or complementary therapy for those taking conventional drugs. As mentioned above, the condition of patients who did not take pomegranate juice got worse, i.e., the IMT raised 9% for one year. It suggests that these pharmaceuticals are ineffective and may speed up the disease process itself.

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