Before and After: Updating Oak Trim and Cabinets

Updating Oak Trim and Cabinets

We recently fixed up a house with oak trim, cabinets and doors. It was everywhere. While we usually like to install new white trim in our renovations, our budget was tight on this one and we could not replace the oak. Plus it was all in great condition and just needed a good clean and some updates to make it shine.

The main issue was picking out a paint color to complement the oak. We tried a few greige options, but the colors were too cool toned for the oak. We eventually landed on Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore. It is this magical color that looks good with everything. We have used it before against white trim and love it, yet it also manages to complement the oak perfectly too.

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The next biggest obstacle was the kitchen. The cabinets looked dated and the countertops and worn out flooring didn’t help. We wound up going with a light vinyl plank flooring, dark laminate countertops, new black appliances and a white sink. It took a few cleaning sessions, but some Orange Glo and Old English brought the cabinets back to life. We wrapped up the kitchen updates by adding some oil rubbed bronze pulls to the cabinets. 

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New door knobs and hinges were an affordable and easy update that had a big impact. We replaced all the 90s faded brass hinges and knobs with oil rubbed bronze knobs and black hinges. This project took less than a few hours and cost less than $15 for each door knob. New faucets and light fixtures had a big affect too. 

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Here’s some more of my favorite before and afters, love what these easy updates did to this space 😊

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