After drinking our coffee we throw away the bottom part, but it’s the biggest error we can do since it’s believed that it is black gold with incredible properties.


You should spread it onto baking paper or on a flat plant and leave it to dry. You can use it in the following circumstances:

  • Against bags under eyes –your under eyes skin can be restored if you make a mixture of coffee grounds and add a bit of olive oil. You can use the paste as coffee pads to perfectly fit your eye’s natural shape;
  • Cellulite cures – use coffee grounds and some oil (preferably olive oil)and make a paste to fight cellulite, and you don’t have to buyany expensive creams.
  • Soap – it has firming effects on the skin that provides peeling-effect;
  • Hair – coffee is abundant in nutrients that can energize your hair, making it look radiant. This trick only works with dark-hair types;
  • Grill rust – after using the grill we are not willing to clean the smelly and sticky barbecue. You can do that easily by using some coffee ground. Put some grounds on a sponge and start rubbing the grill. When you’re done rinse it off with warm water;
  • In the fridge – place coffee grounds in your fridge to neutralize the odors ;
  • Abrasive – use coffee as a chemical-free cleaner since the small grains function like a detergent. You will also save money on extra cleaning products;
  • Against fleas – use wet coffee grounds and massage them on the skin and fur of your pet. The fleas will be removed and there will be a pleasant smell left on the fur/skin;
  • Against ants – the smell is strong that the ant tracks become blurred and they are not able to find their way through the wreak and beet mess;
  • Against wasps – place some coffee grounds in a fire-safe jar and light it with a match, resulting in condensationor steam. This will remove all the stubborn wasps in instantsbecause they have a sniffy reaction to the smell of it;
  • Against snails –spread some coffee grounds across the soil toprotect your beets;
  • Cat fright – spread coffee grounds around your house in order to create an invisible barrier and in that waythe cats will be held at distance;
  • Fertilizer – coffee beans are high in nutrients and contain potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus, which help the plants to grow;
  • Compost – worms adore coffee grounds, therefore if you put some in the compost you can expect numerous earthworms that will further colonize in droves. You will ensure higher production.

There you go coffee lovers – now you have much more reasons to enjoy your coffee.

SOURCE: Healthytipsworld.net

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