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Wrapping paper isn’t just for gifts. Here are 16 surprising ways to use it around the home

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wrapping paper hacks featured
They can be upcycled to create beautiful and useful things in your home.

Here are 16 of our favorite ways to reuse wrapping paper.

Paper Mobile

This whimsical paper mobile is perfect for a child’s room or in any butterfly lover’s room. You can make different animals or whatever shapes you want. Find the tutorial here.


Present Bows

You can use wrapping paper to wrap and decorate your gifts. Learn how to make these pretty bows from wrapping paper strips here.


Wall Art

Cut out shapes, like this cool hexagon design, from different pieces of wrapping paper and glue them to a canvas or poster board that you can frame to create a beautiful piece of wall art.

This tutorial uses heavyweight paper but you can Mod Podge your wrapping paper to cardboard pieces before cutting out your shapes if you’d like your paper to be sturdier. Mod Podging the wrapping paper on its own should make it a bit stiffer.


New Tabletop

Give your table a brand new look by decoupaging it with some wrapping paper. You can even add a glass piece to the top of it to help it last. Learn how here.


Magazine/Mail Holder

Keep your magazines tidy in one place by Mod Podging wrapping paper to a magazine holder. You can also construct the holder from scratch with a cereal box. Add some chalkboard paint to mark what’s in your box. Learn how here.


Fancy Light Switches

Gussy up your light switches by covering them in wallpaper. Add you need some Mod Podge and a razor.


Customized Party Plates

Add a special touch to your next party by making these beautiful party plates. Here‘s how.


Mason Jars

Spruce up your mason jars and use them for storage by gluing pieces of wrapping paper to them.


Lamp Makeover

Use can use the same process to jazz up a lamp.

Packing Material

Toss some wrapping paper in your paper shredder and use it as packaging material.


Draw Liners

Protect your drawers by making liners out of wrapping paper. Get the tutorial here.


Beautify a Bookshelf

Give your boring bookshelf new life by adding a pop of color with some wallpaper. You can find the directions here.



Learn how to make festive placemats out of old wrapping paper here.


Cover a Book

Use wrapping paper to cover a textbook or notebook. Here‘s how.


Tray Liner

Use wrapping paper to line a serving tray at your next party. Just cut your paper to fit the tray.


Origami Heart Envelope


You can make this adorable origami envelope with some wrapping paper. Get the tutorial here. You’ll just have to cut your paper down to A4 size.

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