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How to Make DIY Dawn Powerwash Refill

How to Make DIY Dawn Powerwash Refill

How to make a copycat Dawn Powerwash refill recipe. Use this DIY Dawn Powerwash for washing the dishes or cleaning.

Dawn Powerwash is a foam spray that you can use for dishes. I like it because only a little bit comes out at a time, so it’s perfect for washing a few dishes at a time. I also use it for greasy foods or stuck on food so they can soak for a few minutes. You can learn other ways to use it in this DIY Dawn Powerwash refill hack post.

Step 1: Gather Materials

To make the homemade Dawn Powerwash, you’ll need a Dawn Powerwash spray bottle, blue Dawn dish soap, and rubbing alcohol. The perfect doesn’t matter for the alcohol. It’s not enough to disinfect anyway, even if you use 99 percent. It’s there for more scrubbing power.

how to make diy dawn powerwash refill
Empty ball mason jar/HomeTalk.com

Step 2: Take Measurements and Add Water

To make 32 ounces (a quart), you’ll need 26 ounces water, 4 ounces blue Dawn, and 2 ounces rubbing alcohol. Put the water in the mason jar.

how to make diy dawn powerwash refill
Blue dish soap being poured into glass jar/HomeTalk.com

Step 3: Add Alcohol and Dish Liquid

Then add the alcohol and the Dawn dish liquid. Put the lid on and let it sit for a few hours. This helps the Dawn and rubbing alcohol really mix with the water.

how to make diy dawn powerwash refill
DIY Dawn Powerwash in mason jar/HomeTalk.com

Step 4: Refill Powerwash

After a few hours, you can refill your bottle with the DIY Dawn Powerwash and use it like you usually would.