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If You Are Going On Vacation, Put a Quarter On a Cup of Ice. Here’s Why!

If You Are Going On Vacation, Put a Quarter On a Cup of Ice. Here’s Why!

We’ve all been there, leaving for vacation or having to exit our houses in an emergency, and going over the checklist in our minds: Did I turn off the stove? Have I locked the windows? Should I turn off the gas? Recently, the United States has been experiencing some wild weather patterns, and many people have been forced to leave their homes due to power outages and weather-related disasters.

You come home again, and you know there has been a power outage, but the food in your freezer is still frozen. How do you know that it is safe to eat? What if it sat at room temperature for days, freezing again only when the power came back on? A woman from North Carolina posted this tip on Facebook, and it went viral, being shared almost 400,000 times. She says you can tell if your food has been spoiled by using one simple trick:

Put a quarter on a cup of ice 007

1. The one cup tip

Fill a cup with water and place it in the freezer overnight. Once it has frozen, leave a coin on top. If the coin has sunk to the bottom when you get home, you’ll know that the whole cup has melted and refrozen, and the safety of your food has been compromised.

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2. The ice cube tip

Empty a few ice cubes from your ice tray into a zip-lock bag or a plastic container and leave it in your freezer. They will hold their form as long as the freezer remains working, but if you ever find them frozen flat, you’ll know that the freezer was off long enough for them to completely melt.

The ice cube tip


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