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Lime Buttercream Frosting

Lime Buttercream Frosting


1/2 cup unsalted butter softened to room temperature
1/2 cup Crisco
8 cups powdered sugar
4 tbsp heavy cream
1 tsp vanilla extract
green gel food coloring optional
1/2 cup freshly squeezed lime juice


Juice two limes and set aside the juice.

Cream the butter and Crisco on high speed, until smooth. Mix in 3 3/4 cups of powdered sugar and 2 tablespoons of heavy cream on low speed, until combined. Mix in the remaining powdered sugar, the lime juice, 2 tablespoons of heavy cream, the vanilla and food coloring. Once incorporated, mix on high speed until creamy and fluffy. Add in 1 more tablespoon of heavy cream if needed.

Yields enough frosting for 18-24 cupcakes, depending on your piping style, or a three-layer 8-inch cake. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

Enjoy !!