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The Best Recipe

The Best Recipe

Meatballs (frozen) = $6
Ranch packet (single) $2
Cream of mushroom soup $1.
I always round up on my prices so I don’t get surprised at the register. Mix everything together in the slow cooker for 4-5 hours on low. We ate this with mashed potatoes and Brussel sprouts, it was amazing!

Side note since everyone is asking, no I did not add any other liquids to this!


1. you can make meatballs with golden mushroom soup a packet of lipton onion soup mix and a can of beef broth. It’s delicious

2. use cream of chicken soup & Ranch seasoning on pork chops. use my crockpot, makes delicious gravy

3. make meatballs with chili sauce and grape jelly, large jars grape jelly, 2 jars chili sauce, use the large bag of great value Italian frozen meatballs. Place meatballs in crockpot with jelly and chili sauce. Cook for a few hours until thoroughly heated. They are delicious.



Source : Allrecipes.Com