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Ham & Cheese Egg Cups

Ham & Cheese Egg Cups

Ham and cheese baked egg cups are the ideal, protein-packed low carb breakfast that can be made ahead in a muffin tin and quickly reheated on busy weekday mornings.

Everyone warned me that two would be harder than one but boy were they right! To say that our mornings are a little hectic would be an understatement. By the time I nurse the baby, change a zillion diapers and get my 2-year-old to sit down long enough to eat breakfast, I am barely able to take two sips of my coffee. These make-ahead Ham and Egg Cups have been a total game-changer for several reasons:

Lean: Two of these egg muffins have less than 200 calories and provide over 20 grams of protein! Now that I’m finally back at the gym, protein is even more vital for muscle function.

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